MJD New York TR


[I][B][SIZE=7]Off to NYC!
NYC has to be one of the nicest places to be around Christmas time!!

My TR starts at home. Wake up Friday morning and find about two inches of snow and the stuff is coming down heavy.

:eek: “OMG!!! I have to take a three hour ride to NYC in this!!!”……. :eek:
It turned out OK, after we got out of RI it was mostly rain. Three hours did turn into four hours; there was a car accident on the road.
Nothing big just a little fender bender, just enough for everyone to stop and stare.
I hate when people do that………



Cool MJD, keep the TR’s coming, I love hearing about people’s trips to my city of birth! You’re right, it is great at Christmas time, but also verrrry crowded. Let us know how you made out with all those throngs of people.


What a city! This is our third time for the holidays. I would love to get there in the summer or early fall to see Central Park.



[I][B][CENTER]We stayed for three days and two nights at the Marriott Marquee. What a nice place located in the middle of Time Square!!! The rooms are nice and the beds are comfortable. I think anything would feel comfortable after walking around for eight hours……….




Did you go to the bar at the top, The View? True to it’s name, what views!


[I][B]I had a room on the 36th floor! What a great veiw of the hotel from up there! When you first look over the side its a bit scary!!! I got nervous when the kids were horsing around near the side. Its breath taking. I was so tempted to fly a paper airplane off my hallway balcony!



I heard there was a club there called “Club 49?”. We were with the kids. We did spend a lot of time on the eighth floor. Some action, no night clubs though.



That’s ok, because from your 36th flr room, the views must’ve been awesome!



I’m actually a little jealous. I’ve lived on LI my whole life, and never spent a night at the Marquee! I used to work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th. I gave up the commute when I got pregnant with my daughter. NYC for Christmas has got to be one of the best things around, even for us NY’ers. DH and I go to Radio City and a few other “tourist-y” places every year, the day before Thanksgiving. It kicks off my whole holiday season!

Glad you enjoyed your trip! Tell us more details when you have time!


That’s cool that you worked at the Met, princess. I love it there as well as it’s affiliated museum The Cloisters. Unfortunately the Brooklyn Art Museum is often overlooked because of the fact that the Met is just a borough away, but the Brooklyn Art Museum is also world class.

In any case, I’d put the museums in NY up there among the best in the world.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of your trip MJD.


OMG, that is quite a view looking towards the lobby!

I would love to see NYC sometime, especially around Christmas. So I can’t wait to see more pictures!


Oh wow~ That view is gorgeous…so high up! Can’t wait to hear more MJ.


Love it, MJD!
Tell us more!