MJD Trip Report


Where do I start? We got up on the 13th of February around 1:30 in the morning. I had already packed the truck the night before as we always do.

Tossing and turning and I couldn’t get to sleep, pretty much got about two hours of rest before for leaving for the first 14-16hrs of our road trip.

We love driving to WDW and always have fun on the way. DW reads, kids play and do homework. This trip shouldn’t be different right??? Well needless to say it rained the entire trip down. I couldn’t see two feet in front of me until sunrise.

It was bad!!! I love to drive in all weather, but this was dangerous.

Well that was the first of my TR. Need to clean out the truck now. Just bought DW another “CUV” Political Correct Acronym. Back later for day two……



Hey MJD!

Don’t drive so fast, okay?


LOL… After I posted and looked at the thread, I started to get dizzy:laugh: .

Only DW drives that fast…



What a fun post! more, more, more…please.


I love the animated pictures. Nice touch to the trip report already. I am really looking forward to this one. Can’t wait to hear more and see more “moving” picutres! …I drive that fast…lol


Next morning we get up about 4:30-5:00am. This assures that we arrive at the resort by noon.

The second day was a good ride. The sun was out and we were pretty excited to get to WDW.

The second day is always fun. I must say even though I see those “South of the Border” signs all the way down I always look to see if they changed anything….

Still the same, as always…………….

Does anyone ever stop there? If so, how is it? I blow by it every year and never stop…… I so want to but embarrassed to say I have. Input, anyone???

You guys that live in the Carolina’s, Georgia and Florida have the best rest stops. Clean convenient and that much closer to WDW.

North Carolina:

South Carolina:

Georgia: Love It!!!

Always warm, just a real nice state. Even for a Yankee like me…………

Florida: What can I say!!! At Last……………

I love to have my complimentary cup of “Freshly Squeezed Florida Orange Juice”



OMy, this is promising to be a really fun trip report. Keep going MJD, keep going. :blush:


Stopping at the FLA Welcome Center for Orange Juice and Disney brochures is the HIGHLIGHT of our drive!!! We love it and we do not feel like we are going to Disney unless we get that free OJ!
Any other day of the year–I hate orange juice! :laugh:

And all through college I lived maybe 20 minutes away from South of the Boarder and trust me, it is not an exciting place. There are a few incredibly shady “rides” and you can go to the top of the sombrero but only if it’s not windy…:glare:
You had the right idea. Just keep driving.


Two Inns that I would recommend the most. Inexpensive, very very clean and you feel safe. Which is key while traveling…….

Out of the two Hampton Inn was the best. There beds were sooooooooooo comfortable. I liked this one the most……

Definitely a good choice when driving to WDW. I never stay in motels or any type of place that opens to the outside. I would rather have someone at the front desk all the time. Much more secure than a motel…….



I never see anyone there… Looks like a ghost town.


From stories I have heard it can get pretty dicey at night as well…:ph34r:


Disney Dining Plan:

Probably one of the best deals that WDW has to offer. In years past I never wanted to get it. You can not believe the amount of food and snacks you get on this plan. It was easy, I thought the program would have made the trip more difficult. It wasn’t at all, the CM’s are very helpful… Amazing and worth the try…

Theme Park excitement can really make you hungry! Fill up on the Disney Dining Plan that’s a part of the Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining. It’s a tasty way to save up to 30% per person on dining. Enjoy select snacks and meals at participating restaurants throughout Walt Disney World® Resort including some that feature Disney Character Dining!


We arrived safely and a little tired. We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resorts (SSR). It’s our home resort. We had a Studio with a beautiful view. We were on the first floor. I didn’t think I would like it that much. It turned out to be really fun and we had visitors every morning. A couple of ducks every morning would show up. The kids thought it was the greatest thing. I actually enjoyed sitting outside every morning.

These are some of the pictures of our room and views from our patio:

DW relaxing after a long road trip……

My new friends………….

My new friends………….


Michael loving the trip report cant wait for more


More, please!!


WE DO!!! We very rarely have to drive that far south anymore but we stop at SotB every time! :laugh: If nothing more than for some giggles and “WHAT IN THE HECK?” typa’ amusement. Most things there are kinda grungy, old, & semi-spooky but it’s definately worth a stop b/c you know one day it will only be a myth of ‘the olden road.’ There is actually one restuarant in there that is pretty good. It always seemed clean, VERY cleap, free salad bar, & the people watching potential is PRIME! :happy:


Great start! Your pics are amazing the first one of your resort on the water is a desk top wallpaper for sure.

I love all of the fun pics and animated stuff. Keep it coming.


Off to DTD for dinner and fun.

We went to Planet Hollywood (PL). The first night is usually just burgers and sandwiches. With this Dinner Plan (DP) we ordered full meals. The food was great and as always a great place.


Awww, you guys looks so cute & your whole family has such nice bright smiles!!! I am so glad you enjoyed Planet Hollywood! Great way to start a Disney vaca! :smile:


I love the pictures they are so cute!!!
And okay, you and your wife look like you could be your kids older brother and sister! You both look so young and happy! (And I LOVE her purse!)