MJ's Bday Weekend


There are photos on her blog, here is the text part…

MJ’s Birthday Weekend


MJ, me, DH (Andrew), Talking_Hands (more commonly referred to as Nana), Dania and random friends who floated in and out during the weekend :slight_smile:

Wed Feb 1

MJ wakes up sick and puky :frowning: Not a good things

Thu Feb 2

MJ is still sick and Nana and Dania arrive

Dania brought a boatload of gifts for MJ, we sorted them ino themed bags to give to MJ so that we wouldn’t overwhelm her all at once.

Nana and Dania both brought pins for MJ (traders and ones for her permanent collection too)

Nana and Dania get a good look at dealing with MJ when she is sick, it isn’t good :frowning: It was great to have help with her tho

Fri Feb 3

Supposed to be an Epcot day, but it is pouring, Nana and I both use Electric Chairs and MJ is sick as a dog, we had to reduce the volume that she gets of her formula, but that results in her needing to be on her feeding pump 24 hours a day for a few days.

MJ’s wheelchair is supposed to be here, but isn’t, so they send a rental chair over with an IV pole on it so that we can take her feeding pump with us. the rental chair was ummmm, difficult to deal with, but we have to use it, so we make the best of it.

It is always an adventure going places with Nana, me and MJ, between the three of us I think we have about 20 diagnoses, so we have lots of things to manage. Nana is in a Power Chair, I am in an ECV and MJ is in her chair. Nana is hard of hearing and MJ uses mostly sign to communicate, so we also use the interpreters quite a bit :slight_smile: Dania rented a van, so we had our car with my ECV and stuff and the van with Nana’s chair and MJ’s wheelchair rental.

We hung out today, played with MJ, watched movies etc…made roasted veggie mac and cheese for dinner, it was the first big meal I had cooked in my new kitchen! It was fun and yummy. D and K came over to see the apartment and say hi to MJ.

Sat Feb 4

Andrew’s dad met us at the house and we paraded over to AK

Andrew’s mom made MJ a pretty Snow White dress (need to get a pic of her in it)

Met up with PaPa (Cliff) and Uncle slee (Wesley)

Went to see the Festival of the Lion King show, it was beautiful, MJ got picked to be in the dance parade, but she didn’t want to do it, she was still very sick… today we mostly just wandered and visited, but we had one VERY special safari ride :slight_smile: MJ’s favorite driver is Eric (she calls him leric, a shortened version of Unle Eric) came out to do her safari ride :slight_smile: It was awesome! Deb Wills joined us for a while, MJ really likes her a lot :slight_smile: We wandered the Pangani Forest Trail, chatted, pin traded, saw the parade (Eli and Summer were interpreting, MJ just adores Eli, he is the one who came up with her name sign…Nana confirmed it) The clouds cleared up around noon and it was beautiful after that, altho it was a little cold.

We had some challenges with transportation, ther is only one bus capable of handling three chairs and at AK they said they couldn’t call it, so Nana and Andy (Andrew’s dad) ended up on one bus going to MK and MJ and I were on another bus alone… I was not amused, neither was Nana

After Parade we toddled over to MK for a bit before Chef Mickey’s Buzz Lightyear opened up from refurbishment early, so we were able to go on that, they let us cycle three times, MJ loves that ride, we mostly wandered here too, MJ wasn’t feeling well, so we really didn’t do a lot. We did see some characters, Uncle Eric was MJ’s official birthday photographer!

Around 8:40 we headed over to the Contemporary by monrail, had more transportation issues there, sigh. We had to end up speaking to a manager about that.

Chef Mickey’s was fun, there wans’t anything on the buffet that Nana and I could eat, so Chef Allen ended up making us a yummy vegetable Penne. The characters were great with MJ, she still wasn’t doing well so she wasn’t as animated as normal. We had an awesome server, Todd :slight_smile: He had everything we needed as soon as we needed it and did something extra special for MJ… MJ can’t eat orally at all, so a cupcake was out of the question, instead she got a card from the gang, a placemat (which we will hang up) and a boquet of balloons! MJ got a Pooh Bear from Courtney and huge bag of toys from the gang at County Bounty.

Sun Feb 5

Today is our MGM day. We joined up with Deb Wills again and Jake (new CP DisneyGuyJake)

First up we are off to Lights! Motors! Action! We saw the first soft opening of that show when it first began and have see nit dozens of time since, MJ loves the cars, (especially when they spin in circles) We got a great surprise, 4 of us got to sit in Director’s Chairs (a special seating area) it was me, MJ, Nana and Deb. Andrew, Jake and Dania sat up in the VIP section. MJ had a great time waving to the drivers in the tunnel and we got the surprise of our life when one of the drivers came up after the show to meet MJ and say happy birthday to her, it was amazing! After LMA we did birthday gifts for MJ, Jake got her pal mickey a pin trading outfit, so cute, Deb brought her a My Disney Girl Doll, Cliff and Wes got her an etch A Sketch, Magna Doodle and a bubble blowing bath toy. :slight_smile: We saw the Pwer Rangers, MJ’s fave Mulch Sweat and Shears were not playing that day :frowning: We got to see the parade (MJ slept) Kevin and Christy were interpreting, I hadn’t seen a lot of Kevin’s work before, but he is just amazing and so kind too and Christy is always so graceful. After this we are off to see BatB, MJ loves this show and we are so blessed, when a few minutes before the show MJ got to go backstage to meet Belle! She just glowed with happiness…as we were going over there I asked her if she knew where we were going…she nodded and smiled and said “Belle” it was so adorable. The interpreters were just amazing they really were spot on that day. After this it was cold and Dania had other plans, so Andrew, Nana, MJ and I went home to rest up for the next day…little did we know, sigh…

At home we got a visit from Uncle Adam who brought Marjorie the Jumbo Figment ears pin that came out this day, it is an amazing pin! At that time Andrew revealed that Dania had bought me a belated birthday gift, another set of the Jumbo Figment ears! I love Figgy!

Mon Feb 6

Actual Bday

MJ was having a hard time this morning, some times we just have bad autism days and this was one… She said hi the Pooh and Friends, but wasn’t as into it as she would normally be. Once again, Tigger led MJ in a march around the center so that she could participate in the parade. The thing that MJ liked the most today was playing with the Micky confetti! We have tons of that stuff now! They gave her a whole coffee cup full! MJ did get to take a picture with her Pooh Bear from Courtney and the Real Pooh himself, it was cool!

Once again, didn’t do a lot of rides, more just hung out, MJ was having a hard time, we encountered problems in the Pooh playground, they didn’t want Nana and I in the playground with our chairs, eventually they let us in. MJ and Jake had a blast playing, he is really so good with her. After that we went for the parade, what a disaster…first it was mobbed, we totally forgot that it was Superbowl Monday, ugh, MJ was melting down, I took her off for a while to calm down and brought her back at he beginning of the parade…at one point in the music there is a choreographed part where a person pretends to splash the crowd with a pail of water, he did it twice right in front of MJ and Nana, it terrified MJ and she cried for the whole rest of the parade :frowning: After that all we watned to do was get her out of there. So we went to get a bus to Studios for Fantasmic! and again, ran into transportation problems, sigh…MJ was melting down in a biog way at this pont, so we had to give her some meds, she slept for a while. At Studios we were joined by Kabe, Guillermo, Courtney, Lisa, Travis, D, K, Grandpa Jim (drat I know I am forgetting someone) MJ had a great time playing with everyone, Fantasmic! was great as ususal, but the Reflective Captioning wasn’t working at all, so Nana couldn’t hear… :frowning: Sigh…pretty much anything that could go wrong this weekend did, it was still great hanging out with friends and family, but it was definitley not the weekend we had planned.

Over the course of the weekend she was spoiled more than normal, Dania got her a ton of birthday gifts, clothes, a cinderella video camera, pins, a pin trader Disney Girl Doll, balloons, books and way more that I can’t remember all of…Lisa got her a new sweatshirt, a balzac (tinkerbell), a digital camera, more pins! LOL


oh boy, I am so sorry you ran into so many problems. :sad: (((hugs)))
It sounds like you guys all have amazing spirits and just keep staying positive no matter hwat is being thrown at you, what a wonderful family :wub:


Your weekend sounds perfect. :c)
Everyone must really love MJ!


Well despite the troubles, it still sounds like you had a great time! It was good to see you guys the other day at the Treehouse. MJ is such a cutie! :mickey: