MK barbershop & (facial)hair dyeing?


Just wondering…
I’m trying to grow a goatee out nice & long to give my Jafar outfit for MNSSHP a little extra, so I’m wondering, since right now it’s mostly red/brown/grey, do you think they could dye it black at the Main Street barbershop once we arrive for the party?


I know they don’t do hair dyeing at all at the Barbershop. Just haircuts. But they may have black hair gel they can put on it. I know they have all kinds of different colored gels for after hair cuts, but not sure on the black.


Gingita is right, they don’t do really hair coloring at the barber shop. I don’t even rememebr seeing a sink for washing hair, there are 2 chairs and that’s about it. They have the colored gel but it’s really just for fun and washes right out.


You could sure ask about the colored gel and see how it looks! They’d probably want to put some “pixie dust” in your beard too though…:laugh:…I’m not sure how that would fit with the Jafar look!