MK crowds on Fri May 6th?


We plan on getting to Orlando at 9:30 on Friday May 6th and then heading to MK as soon as we get checked in. I’m guessing will will get there somewhere around 11-11:30 if all goes well. Since it EMH at MK that day, do you think we will have a problem getting into the MK at that time? How crowed do you think it will be that weekend? :wacko:


I’m hoping it won’t be too crowded that is when we will the at wdw also.


We’ll be at MK that day too…hoping it won’t be too bad! :mickey: We’re doing the Family Magic Tour that morning!


Sorry to hijack this thread…will you report back on the Family Magic Tour when you get back? We are planning on doing this with our group in July. We will have an 11, 7, and 5 year in our group so I thought it sounded fun for them.


The site that lists the crowd levels ( says it’s a 3… but in another thread they were talking about how there wasn’t a lot of space in the resorts for May, so I don’t know what to think anymore, lol. :wacko:


Will do!!! :mickey:


In my experience, the most crowded days at MK are Sat, Sun, and Mon. However, EMH might drive crowd levels up quite a bit. If you are still going to be there (as in, staying for a week) I suggest holding off until Tuesday for the MK.


By the way Jill, that’s a very interesting site you found, I’ve never seen it before. Thanks for the link:mickey:


No problem :slight_smile: I love that site! I forget who originally posted it, but one of the moderators made it into a sticky for the WDW parks forum.


I am not sure–that is the day AFTER the Happiest Celebration on earth starts–my guess is that tons of disney buffs and press will be around that week…


I didn’t know about the Happiest Celebration when I booked this trip, so I thought we were going at a realitively slow time but now I’m starting to worry about our plans! We have to go to the MK on our first day!


In the past we found the beginning of May to be a good time for WDW. However, keep in mind, the promotion disney has been pushing is the celebration starts May 5th. Someone I know at work just tried to book a hotel room for that weekend and it was totally booked except for the more expensive rooms at the deluxe hotels. So because of the celebration the parks may be a little more crowded then expected.

Just a thought…


The 4th, 5th and 6th of May there are 300 families from around the country competing in a triathelon (sp) at WDW (I suppose at Sports Complex) and they won this chance to compete from radio stations. So all the media from these radio stations will be there also. So this and the Celebration beginning is probably why rooms are so had to get for those dates. In answer to your question, yes I believe it will be crowded. But I’ll be there anyway. Joe


Thanks Joe!! That answers a question I posted on another thread about all the rooms being booked and maybe that is why all of EPCOT is closing May 5 @ 3PM?!?!?! I too will be there those days. I cannot wait!! :mickey: :biggrin:


All I can find about Epcot closing at 3p.m. on the 5th of May is that it is a “MEDIA” event? Thought I might hide in a restroom and stick around! lol Joe


Well crowds or no crowds we will be there!!!I cant beleive I’m going in only 24 days! Everything else is done so now all I have left to do is worry about things!!!


We will just have to keep our fingers crossed, that it isn’t too bad.