MK Fireworks Dessert Buffet


I just called and tried to reserve spot for two during our Sept. 25-30 and there was nothing available!! Wow, people must have moved fast to book this. The CM said I could try a walk-up and if there was availability, they would let me in but no preferred seating. Not real sure what she means - any ideas?


According to the CM i spoke with, they only book 35 people per party and since they extended it to Nov 1st, the days are drying up fast. We got Sept 25th, but we had to go through 4 nights before we found a night available.



Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party


THIS STINKS!!! :glare:

UPDATE 8/27/09: The Fireworks Dessert Party has been extended through October 31, 2009. The price is now $23.42 for guests 10+ and $12.99 for guests 3 to 9. Those prices INCLUDE tax, but not gratuity

I don’t think it’s worth that . . . IMHO!


I just noticed they raised the price. That is a bit steep!


I’ve watched the fireworks from this spot many times in the past for FREE! I guess Disney liked my idea and realized another way they could make money from the “Guests”.


I guess I’ll have to see if it’s available for Oct 22 (during a Halloween party).


I was thinking of paying this for the 4 of us for our trip in Nov if they extended it to then, but not for $100 PLUS tips


OMG!!! that is outrageous! I thought about it for the old price, but definately not worth it for $24 an adult!


Not interested in this anymore… that is outrageously priced.


I agree. I thought it was a little high before, but was willing to pay it to try it at least once. With the new price I know we won’t be doing it unless the take dining credits. Plus with my trip only 10 day away, there will probably not be an opening anyway.


I wouldn’t pay that much for the dessert party.

I didn’t post a trip report this summer and I haven’t talked about our night at the dessert party but I didn’t care for it. We were seated right at 9:00 and hit the buffet shortly after being seated. We made one pass through the line planning to go back for seconds of things we missed the first time. I really thought the buffet would be restocked through the evening but it wasn’t. I went back up to get what I missed the first time through to find the buffet a mess. I never did get to try several things because no more were ever brought out. Anyone who was more than 10 minutes late missed out on some of the desserts.

Honestly, I didn’t find one dessert I would have wanted to try again. None were awful but I didn’t love any of them. I’m glad we tried it but I wouldn’t do it again.


Based on what DT just posted, I think I’ll just give this a pass.
Not for $50 for two adults, even if it is our anniversary.


Here’s the buffet that I saw when I went up the second time.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;988327]Based on what DT just posted, I think I’ll just give this a pass.
Not for $50 for two adults, even if it is our anniversary.[/QUOTE]

Ditto. $50 for two adults for dessert is ridiculous. I’d rather book a table at a TS and get some drinks, appetizer and a desert and enjoy myself there. Especially since the view doesn’t seem to be amazing or anything.


Another part of the buffet.


Wow, well I guess its true, a picture’s worth a 1000 words!


I don’t know what I expected but I thought the buffet would be kept full for an hour, from 9-10 when Wishes started. Maybe this was a one night only issue and either they didn’t make enough desserts or people were extra hungry. I haven’t heard anyone else who was disappointed in their party.


Was the summer party limited in number of guests? 35 seems like very few people to me…do you think this could be a change?


I’m going to have to ask around on this because i’ve been reading some different/conflicting comments:

“The Fireworks Dessert party takes place nightly at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station, and it begins about one hour before Wishes. Your reservationist will give you a specific time to arrive. (Our time was 9:05). Staggering the guest arrival times is meant to aide the seating process, and seemed to me to also eliminate the “stampede effect” at the buffet. Don’t be concerned if your specific time seems to be a little late. There is plenty of time to enjoy the buffet before, during, and after the fireworks … and there is plenty of buffet to enjoy during that time!”

Tomorrow morning i’m going to call WDW Dine and speak with a CM about it and see if this is generally how the dessert buffet is run. I’m not shelling out that kind of dinero if they don’t even refill the desserts.