MK Fireworks Dessert Party


Any ideas when/if this will continue in the new year?


What is it?


I’m not sure if it’s still that popular. The last time I was at MK, we were walking past the area, and a cm was actually standing near the entrance, asking us if we would like to participate, and purchase tickets right there. It kind of looked empty.


Maybe the novelty has passed. Unless you’re a regular most don’t even know about it. Of the 8 families I know of that’s gone this past year or planning to go this year no one knew of it. Once I told them and mentioned the price, all were like :eek: “That much…for Dessert?”
I would :heart: to do it if it were just DH and I, but can’t see swinging it for the whole fam.


We will be doing the dessert party Sunday evening. :heart: My FIL has been to Disney World over 20 times and has never seen the fireworks in the park. (We have done the Grand Gathering Pirate Cruise and once saw them from the boat to Fort Wilderness.) But he is 85 so I thought a place where he could sit would be good!


Hmmm…so I guess they are still running it? I haven’t been able to locate any dates past Dec.31st, so I’m excited to hear that they may be continuing again. Our trip is for April, and so far I can’t book it online for April. It hadn’t started yet on our trip last year, and I really want to try it this year. We’ve never stayed with the kids to watch the fireworks in the park, and we love dessert, so I think this will be really fun!


I was wondering that myself. I am goingin Oct and my parents and brother might be joining us this time.


They are still taking ressies through March and possibly beyond.


Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party | Walt Disney World Resort


We did it once when it first started and that was enough for us. I know a lot of people love it but I wasn’t too impressed. The desserts were ok but they weren’t refilled and most remained empty after our first pass through.


We were on the fence and decided Crystal Palace was a better value.


So, I’ve been trying to book reservations every day since we booked and the reservations finally opened into April! And, to make it even more exciting, it looks like they’ve dropped the prices as well! It’s now $21.99/adult and $11.99/child. It’s a Disney Magic Afternoon for me!!:wub: