MK Grad nights?


What exactly is “Grad Night” at MK.
There are two of them happening during our trip this year.



Grad Nite is an event for local highschool seniors and the guest of that seniors choice.

They close the park (MK) early, and around 7, let the highschool students in until around 3 (or 4?) in the morning.

Those students basically have the park to themselves!

I went when I was a sophomore with my DH (who was my boyfriend, then!) We had a blast!!

THey have rules: You have to dress up. Guys in ties and dress pants, girls in dress pants or shorts with dress shoes. The idea was the nicer you look, the nicer you’ll behave. Of course, that was back in 94. Who knows if that’s changed.

Anyway, it’s a blast! A great opportunity for local seniors. Everyone always looks forward to it.

I say local - but, I think even students in GA get to go.


Just for nostalgia, here it the ‘free’ picture you get…of course, it was late, so forgive our tired eyes!



Great picture!

And thanks for the info. That must be something to have the MK to yourselves like that.


Well, it’s something to be in a theme park with nothing but hyper, rowdy, just-about-to-graduate kids, that’s for sure :c)


Wow!! Grad Nite…that takes me back!
I was there in [SIZE=5]1980!!![/SIZE]

It’s a blast for teens and as a mom of teens now, I see it as a very safe place for them to let off steam before graduation.

As a side note, my most vivid memory is waiting on the bus for my friend as all the other buses had left and watching her and her boyfriend come running across the parking lot…they had decided to take the last ride on Space Mtn and it got stuck…(or so they said!!! :wink: )


Oh my gosh, I went to grad night 2006!!! It was a lot of fun, just like Erin explained. There were tents and stages set up for bands and DJs. Most attractions were open and you got all sorts of little souveniers. I had to dress up too, which was kinda awkward riding on Space Mountain and Splash, etc. I don’t know how many schools do it per night but I remember meeting seniors from ALL OVER Florida.

Erin totally inspired me to try to find that picture. I will look after work. hehe.


Yeah, I would of said a ride detained me, too. :wink:


OMG, I WAS the one running back to the bus with my two best friends because we decided to ride Splash Mountain before we left and ended up getting back to the bus nearly 30 minutes late!!! All i remember was walking down the aisle and EVERY parent and chaperone giving us really bad “you are in SO much trouble” looks. We EVEN had to write a paper on “responsibility” the next week in school for “holding everyone up.” :pinch: :ninja: :pinch:


wow –

  1. Erin, you were the cutest grad of all time! What a doll!

  2. Bet it’s fun to be a grad on one of those nights! Worth all those SAT study nights!

  3. Bet it’s a total drag to be on a family vacation and get kicked out of the park early twice in one week! Grrr…


Wow, Buzz, you are a really good sport. You know what you must do on those MK grad nights now…

“To Epcot (or MGM) and BEYOND!” :cool:


OK, here’s what I found… haha.

(Sorry Buzz, I hope I am not threadjacking, you guys just REALLY took me back here. haha)

I found my ticket…


A little souvenier…


check out those '96 graphics, haha.


OH MY!!! Haha, this is the only picture I can find right now…

AND YES, that sign says “Fasntasy Rave”… OMG!!! how embarrassing.


I went to grad night with Cavey and R2G. Do you know they used mules to pull the trains around back then?


Ahhhhhhh I can still remember the smell. :huh:

And the Indy Speedway was petal cars. :cool:


I’ll never forget having to row your own boat for the PoC. I was sore for a week.


LOL! That was back when the Dinosaurs in AK were REAL!


And Frontier Land was still called Tomorrow Land.


And Epcot stood for:

Experimental Prototypical Community of Ten Million Years From Now