MK has changed it hours during our trip


Our trip dates are 12/2 - 12/11. For the last 5 months opening time has been 9 AM, with EMH on Thur morning and Sat night. Was just checking out the WDW site and now the park opens at 8 am every morning. EMH is at 7 AM on Thur and 1 - 3 AM on Sat.

I’m guessing this means extra busy?


I’d say 1/3 is extra busy, 1/3 is working around the parade taping, and 1/3 is compensating for MK having 4 Christmas parties a week, meaning MK closes at 7 PM.
We’ll be there from 11/30-12/3 and are going to the party on 12/2.


It will be a very busy time, but it is a big score for us. We get in on the 6th, have Candlelight procession that afternoon / evening in EPCOT with Woopie Goldberg, then we can flip over to the MK until 3!!! Then sleep in all day on Sunday. Christmas Party on Tuesday the 9th.


I’d originally planned to go between the 8th and the 11th, but I was forced to book earlier dates because Gail’s bosses couldn’t tell her with any certainty that she could have the 8th and the 9th off. Supposedly, the 9th will have the second lowest projected crowd levels of all of the Christmas parties. Sadly, the 2nd comes in at 10th place, largely because it is so close to Thanksgiving weekend.