MK hours on June 4th


Does anyone know why the Magic Kingdom is closing at 7 pm on June 4th? The park is open until 11 pm the other days that week so it seems strange that it’s closing so early that one night. Is there a special event that night?


NO, but they did that when we were in DL for the Premiere of Pirates. Could it be they are going to have something like that going on.


Oh… I just read a rumor that it could be P & P party nights.


NO WAY! That would be so cool!


Also May 31st they are closing early at 7:00. A Goofy Family and I were wondering that too!

A P&P Party would be SO cool!


:eek: How did I miss that? That’s Nate’s birthday, we were planning to spend the whole evening in Magic Kingdom. We have an ADR at LTT around 6 and after that we were going to stay at MK and see Spectro and Wishes. I guess we’ll add P&P Party to the plans, it would be a cool birthday present.

I guess I need to check the park hours more carefully next time. They’ve never offered a hard ticket event when we’ve bben there in the sumer so I’m not used to it.


I also found this…

Pirate & Princess Party at Walt Disney World


Thanks, Dasisee! Those dates fit the park hours on the Disney sites.

Nate’s not sure about the party but he’s never been so he doesn’t know if it’s something he would like. He’s NOT a fan of the PoC movies at all–Does that matter? Now I’m going to have read up on everything and P&P Party related to see if it’s worth it for us. I know we could just do rides but we have APs so we already have passes for the day.


I am hoping they have it while i am there. It is rumored that it will happen. I wish they would hurry up and announce it.