MK Opening Ceremony


Does any one know the Title of the Song/Artists used to open the MK?
The song that they sing when the Train comes in?
" Good Morning , Good Morning it’s time to celebrate…"
We just got back froma trip to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. They played that song every morning at the pool to open to pool. We are trying to find the song, for a DVD we are making. But we can not find it anywhere!
Thanks for any help!


It’s from the movie singin’ in the rain: Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor sing it . . . but Disney changed the words a bit. :mickey:


Oh thank you soooooo much!


I found it on iTunes on the Singin’ In the Rain soundtrack, but IM SURE, Disney has a recording of it on one of their cds you can buy!


Thanks again… I am sending DH to itunes right now!


What time does the opening ceremony usually start? I’ve never been able to be there that early, but I think I’d like to try next trip.


Great-now that song is in my head. :laugh:
The opening ceremony begins about 10 minutes or so before the park is scheduled to open. It is quite cute, my kids love it. Ok-so do I.:wub:


The only bit I ever remember is when they sing

“It’s just some magic, rolled up in pixie dust”

And then the tears start welling up…:crying: I never fail to cry at the opening of the MK.


I can’t wait for the opening ceremony! My goal this time is to get there as early as possible and get a good empty shot of the castle.