MK Pirate Firework "Cruise"?


I may have the name wrong, but it is a boat that takes you out into the lagoon to see the electrical water parade and then the fireworks over the MK.

Thinking of booking this for an adult birthday.

Anyone done this? I never realized it existed until recently. :pirate:


I have not personally done it, but another MB person has one booked too. Please post a report and pictures if you do it.


Info on the fireworks cruise’s can be found on the Disney site,, or call 407-WDW-PLAY and they can tell you about it. There is one for MK, and one for Epcot.


Oh…I didn’t know there was one for Epcot too!

I wonder if it’s worth the cost?


I did an “off the record” fire works cruise when I was a CM and it was fantastic!


[QUOTE=smallworld;1105279]Oh…I didn’t know there was one for Epcot too!

I wonder if it’s worth the cost?[/QUOTE]

We did the Epcot Illuminations cruise. It was well worth it. We arrived early and the captain told us to load up. He wanted to get out on the water. Not much to do due to the size of the lake and stream to HS, but we toured all of the resorts from the water, then went down to HS. Then he high tailed it to the bridge between UK and France and tied up. He said he liked getting there first to tie up on the right side for a better view. He was right.

They provide soft drinks and snacks, but you can plan to have catered food onboard awaiting your arrival. When we were onboard we were told we could have brought beer or wine ourselves. Didn’t know that when I booked. A bottle of wine for each couple would have been a nice touch. Check with reservations if you decide to book to see if this is still an option.


If not, I just took a cruise around the MK (from the contemporary) on a boat that we rented… It was AWESOME. We rented it for about an hour during the day, and could have brought food. There were 7 of us on the boat, which was plenty of room, and we toured all over the Bay Lake and the waterway behind the Contemporary… My kids LOVED IT! Then we walked to the MK to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

If not for an adult birthday, it was a fun afternoon break, and a way to get off your feet for a little while.


We once encountered this cruise leaving from the Contemporary. What stands out was Captain Hook was there, and my kids made a bee line to him. I don’t know if CH went on the cruise or just bid farewell at the dock.


Thank you all this info…this sounds like fun!

We aren’t going until August but I’ll post about it when I return…:pirate:


There are actually two different ones offered at MK the Pirates Fireworks cruise is not a private cruise unless you have a large enough party to fill that boat. The other is a private cruise on a pontoon. We’ve done the private cruises at MK and Epcot. We loved them both and found them well worth the money. The MK one was longer in length though and you get to see the electrical water parade up close. You can have the boat decorated with a Happy Birthday banner and baloons for an additional cost. You are served bagged snacks (chips, popcorn, pretzels) and soft drinks or water during the cruise. You can’t go wrong with either one and it truly makes the birthday person feel extra special.


I coordinate the event quite frequently.

It’s called the “Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise.” Hosted by 2 pirate brothers, the patrons will board one of two boats, one for Captain Hook, and one for Mr. Smee. There are fun trinkets and refreshments before departure, plus time to meet with Hook and Smee. More surprises await when you return to the dock. People of ALL ages love this event.


Ok! Thanks “Rowdy”—sounds like a fun time! If it rains, the boat is covered I take it? Do you know what happens if it absolutely pours and the fireworks are cancelled?



[QUOTE=smallworld;1105295]Thank you all this info…this sounds like fun!

We aren’t going until August but I’ll post about it when I return…:pirate:[/QUOTE]

If you want to do a cruise you need to sign up as early as possible. The ressies fill up quickly.


There’s no pirate cruise for Epcot. That’s a Seven Seas Lagoon exclusive, partly because the boat for the pirate cruise is one of larger launches and not a 12 person pontoon boat. Also, there’s only room for 6 boats total for Epcot, unlike SSL which has pretty much unlimited space for all the boats in all the marinas.
Plus, that Illuminations cruise is almost impossible to book because it’s so limited.

To what Hanwill said, you can also order from room service for the hotel you’re renting the boat from and have it delivered. I did this one year for an anniversary lunch for two.
The one little glitch with trying to moor out of the way and enjoy your meal together is that you have nothing to moor to, so you have to constantly pay attention to where the boat is drifting.

You definitely need to book fireworks cruises as early as possible and they don’t allow reservations until 90 days out.


I did a fireworks cruise on the General Potter one night:laugh:


–since I started this—thought I would post that we have had a monkey wrench thrown into our plans. My daughter may have to look for a new teaching job, and we don’t know if and when she will need to attend new orientations, workshops etc before school starts this summer.

I will keep our room ressies for August, but won’t secure any other dining or extra reservations until we know more. It won’t be for a while and we may lose out on airfare, and dining choices but—not much we can do.

At this point, I am just hoping we can go at all. Down with budget cuts!!