MK - restaurant before Spectromagic


Thinking of going to see Spectromagic for the first time on our nex trip in Sept. We are planning on Liberty Tree before the MNSSHP, so we would want something different. Any recommendation for a restaurant at MK before? Or should we just eat at the GF and head to the park after?
How long before the start of Sprectromagic should we plan to arrive for a good - easy to exit view of the parade?


I like to have 45-60 minutes to get a good spot for SpectroMagic but we usually go in July when the parks are crowded. Main Street is always pack so we head toward Liberty Square for a good spot.

One of our favirite MK restaurants is Plaza Restaurant. It a wonderful place to get a lighter meal and the service is always very good.



i say go with LTT. you will get a great spot there after dinner, if you go early of course.


I would either eat at Ohanas and then take the monorail over to MK, or if you want to stay in MK I would eat at Crystal Palace.


I agree with both of Karlie’s suggestions–'Ohana and Crystal Palace are both great options.


I agree with tragic - LTT! :mickey: