MK stollers hard plastic or jogger like MGM?


what type of strollers are for rent at the MK? i read on allears that they used to be the hard plastic, but were replaced with the jogger type like the ones at MGM. so are they hard plastic like in the photo on allears, or are they like the jogger ones at MGM?


Well, unless it’s changed since I was there in Dec 2005, they are still the hard, plastic ones.


It might have changed!!!


erin (or anyone else who has a trip coming up) if you got to the MK on your trip…will you be so kind as to include this tid-bit of info. in your trip report!!! :slight_smile: maybe they changed them at the 1st of the year?? (hope so!)

hubby and i are back and forth about the whole stroller issue…should we take one or rent one. there are definately good points on both sides. we think our DD will most likely like the novelty of the WDW wheels, and will probably be able and want to walk a good bit. but i am still figuring the whole walk to the buses and room into the equation…so knowing what type of strollers are at MK would definitely weigh in!!

~thanks again


I would recommend a lightweight umbrella stroller. They’re easy to carry if DD doesn’t want to use it, and when she “passes out” you’ve got it to get her back to the resort.


if we take one…it will be the umbrella kind. but just don’t want to have to drag it around and megan not use it. also, like cavey mentioned in another thread…umbrella strollers are not the most comfortable to push…you have to bend over and my back kills me after a while, and i can only imagine what megan’s back feels like after riding in it for a while. her shoulders bent in and back hunched. anyway…i am rambbling…just want to know what we might be in store for if we choose to rent.


Well, when we were there this past Dec.(2005) they were hard plastic. We usually rent, and bring our own. (I know we are nuts.) I like the big double strollers at the parks because they hold a lot of stuff. :slight_smile:


Just got back today. They are the hard plastic type. I agree with Cavey, take your own umbrella stroller that has a basket on it.


I have to agree with taking your own stroller. Those walks to and from the bus stop can get pretty long with a sleeping child. We like the storage in the stroller and since we take our own we don’t have to unload it every time we leave a park, we can just fold it up in the stroller and go.


And if your luck is like mine, the line for the Bus you need is always the farthest away.


You’d be insane NOT to bring your own stroller! Trust me! I’ve done both!


Ooooo. Someone admits to reading my posts!

I don’t prefer umbrella strollers, BUT if DD is going to be walking a majority of the time, I’d go that route. Plus they’re lightweight enough to throw over your shoulder and carry.


cincy, thanks for the report…not what i was hoping for, but better to know now. will probably be debating this up until shortly before our trip…i’ve got more than enough time to mull it over (about 1 year!!! LOL!!). i live by the motto “be prepared” so i know i will take our umbrella stroller, but maybe give day1 a shot without it and see how it goes. we can always bring it back with us for the 2nd half of our day if we find we need it.
~as always…thanks :slight_smile:


I’d give day 1 a shot WITH it, and then abandon it later in the trip.


yes, that’s another option… :laugh: …(more mulling…mulling… :wacko: …sigh…)…



We ALWAYS take our stroller. The real one, not some pansy umbrella stroller. It gives us all the room we need to carry our camera bag, video camera bag, cooler for snacks, tripod, souviner bags, jackets (when we go in Dec), etc, etc. We would be lost without the stroller to carry all our stuff. If you’re like us, and you do have a lot of stuff to carry around, it just makes too much sense. If you do carry all that stuff and you rent, then that just means you have to drag all that stuff back to your car/hotel room every day…


What, no kitchen sink, Dewey?


Lil and I USED to travel like that–right down to a change of clothes for the kids. IN FACT, I went so far to attach paniers from my bicycle on the side of the double stroller–PLUS carry the umbrella stroller for our oldest. It got so old folding that thing up and getting it onto the resort buses.

Not this year. We’re going “bare bones.” Just the double stroller, the kids, and a small diaper bag.


i think what was bugging me the most about the whole umbrella stroller thing is the “swag” of the seat CAN NOT be good for comfort and napping…so i mulled it over enough to figure out exactly what was not right and how to make it right…we have a big “fancy” stroller, but i think it is too big for our needs and it actually has soooo much padding that megan seems squished (she’s 2 1/2 now…imagine what it would be like in another year)…the canopy is huge and not see thru. we also have a reg. cheepy umbrella stroller i keep in my trunk, but it doesn’t have any storage at all and no canopy, doesn’t recline or anything. so to make a long story short i bought another lightweight compact stroller online with all the attachments and that reclines…the seat insn’t the swag kind like on the basic umbrella strollers so i think megan’s back will be happier too! i am done wondering what to do and how it will all work! :slight_smile: moving onto more fun and interesting issues!! :slight_smile:


Can you please tell me what model it is that u got and how much it was? we are going this november and daughter will have just been turning 3, and my son will be 5.5 i know we need to b ring 1 stroller, and we are hoping that when my sn gets tired of walking, my; daughter will be ready to jump up and walk a bit. lol so bottom line, i need a stroller better than an umbrella one (i found one with extendable handles but it was so flimsy, there is no way it would hold my 44lb son!)