What is the quickest/easiest way to get from MK to DTD?


Quickest way to get there would probably be to drive… however, at night it’s very difficult to find a parking spot. The second option is to hop on a bus. You might have to wait, but you won’t have to worry about parking later on.

Now, it’s easier to get back from DtD to your resort if you drive because you just have to find your car (actually, that could be difficult if you don’t remember where you parked… we’ve had that problem before :laugh:). But if you took the bus, it’s back in line for you.

It’s probably about the same time frame.

*Edit: changed my mind. I forgot about the whole monorail/ferry ordeal. When you have to wait in line for that and wait in line for a tram, bus would definitely be the quickest option.


The best way (without a car) is to take the monorail to one of the monorail resorts (GF, Contemp, Poly–just pick one and roll with it! :laugh:) Get off the monorail and go to the bus stop and get on the bus to DTD.


Yeah, your best bet is to take the monorail, or one of the boats, over to the Contemporary, Polynesian, or Grand Floridian then take a DtD bus.


This is one of the most common questions we get at City Hall. :mickey: I say go to Contemporary then catch the bus.


we went from DTD to MK - and had to get off the bus at the contemporary and then hop on monorail to MK - it wasn’t too bad at all! BTW - we chose the contemporary to get off at so we could see it - we had already seen GF and Poly. you could do any of those!


If you plan on going in the evening it would be convenient to maybe have dinner at one of those resorts! ‘The Wave’ at the Contemporary is great, then you feel like you actually have a purpose to go to one of the monorail resorts & break up the transportation a bit. We do that sometimes. :smile:


I’d walk to the Contemporary and get a on a bus to DTD from there.


How long of a walk is it from MK to the Contemporary? I know nothing of the resorts around MK.


Wifey, Contemporary is right next door to MK. They are neighbors!


10 to 15 minutes, depending on how fast you walk. We found it to be faster than waiting for a monorail. Nice walk too.


Thanks for your help.


Fastest way yet…walk to comtemporary and grab a cab…lol


Around here we call Dana…Dana Moneybags McGee:laugh::laugh::laugh:


You can also take the bus to OKW or SSR and hop the boat to DD.


pfff… we should make a list of every possible way to get from one location to another using Disney transportation.

Oh… make it like a science experiment and time how long each route takes, but do at least three trials to make up for possible one-time delays.

I’m going to do this one day. :cool: