MLK Weekend


Hi all, hope this post finds everyone well! What is MLK holiday weekend like? Is it extremely crowded or because of the Christmas holidays are they mild? Thanks


We were at WDW for the MLK weekend in 2002 so it was a while ago…
travel was down due to 9/11.
During the week it was very mild crowds we walked on everything! . Saturday the MK was crowded, but not too bad 35- 45 min wait times in the afternoon.
We went to Sea world on MLK day and crowds were very mild. Hope this is somewhat helpful. The weather was great! Maybe someone who has been more recently can give you better info.


Well, I am hoping that people stay away (since I’ll be there :laugh: )!! The crowd calendar shows 4, 5, and 6 during that time. Since we ususally go during Christmas, it can only be an improvement for us! The crowd calendar link is here: - The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World


I keep checking the WDW website and doing some figuring but it keeps telling that there are no rooms available for that weekend. I keep switching resorts and its telling me the same thing. Is anyone having this problem or do you really think their resorts are that packed??