I know there are a few places in WDW that carry the many colors of M&Ms. Can anyone tell me how much 7 oz is? I want to compare to the cost of ordering online through mymms.com. Much thanks in advance!


What is the many colors of m&Ms?


You can pick which colors of M&Ms you want rather than just getting a generic mix. For example, I can pick green and orange for the high school I work at. I think you can find it at the candy store on Main Street and at a store in DTD…maybe even at the Boardwalk, but I can’t remember for sure. It’s usually with the Jelly Belly stuff.


OHHHH ok Sorry about that. I had a brain fart and could not for the life of me think what you were talking about…lol I know they have tons of candy and stuff at Goofy’s candy shop at DTD. If you want and if I remember (who knows with my brain), I’ll check for you when I am there this week.


Thank you! I would really appreciate it. I’m in charge of a programs that rewards students and staff and I want to get 7 lbs. as treat bags for our teachers.


I’ll try very hard to remember.


You are going to Disney this week??? :laugh:


I did this for my DH for a football party but got them online…NOT CHEAP but very cool party treats. He is a Michigan fan so we had the yellow and blue ones…I think I paid 30 bucks for 2 small bags including shipping. It’s been a while but I remember making that comment about being some expensive M&MS. Hopefully cheaper at the world.


It’s $5.99 for 7 ozs online if you do not customize the saying. For me to order online, it would be around $100.


There is an M & M’s store at Florida Mall. Not by Disney,but close enough. It has everything to do with M & M’s. Every color you could think of,t-shirts, mugs, candy dispensers,etc. If you had a car with you while here, you could easly go.


We have a local candy store who offers these.It is like a soda dispenser, you just grab a bag, put it under the spout and pull the handle. And they have tons of colors,not just the traditional. It is fun to get the black ones for a birthday party, or pink or blue ones for a baby shower!!


I haven’t seen any around here that carry them :frowning:


I wish we had store here that carried the different colors individually like that! That is so neat!


Funny, I just got a coupon for this very same thing! Try this:

Enter promo code OFFER26
Offer expires 11-11-07

Hopefully, this will save you some money…


The custom printing is very expensive though…almost double. That is why I was trying to price the “generic” ones.


I just got back, and I’m sorry I didin’t see this thread before we left. I can tell you that I thought they were really expensive because my son didn’t have enough $ in his budget to purchase them. I’m sorry I can’t remember the price.


Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


You can also find them in the Villains Shop in Disney-MGM Studios, at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Hollywood Blvd. I’ll be happy to check prices, but I’m not going until the first week in December.


I love M&M’s. We go through about 10lbs every three weeks. I know you guys must think OMG!!! We keep them on the middle of the dinning room table for a quick snack. I do have to keep an eye on DS. Too many he’ll start bouncing around like a hockey puck. MJD’s house loves M&M’s…


Im not sure of the price either but last time I saw them it was pretty expensive. I love M&Ms but even I thought it was way to much to pay for them. (This wasn’t at Disney but Im sure it will be just as much if not more)