MNNSHP costume?


I was wondering if ya’all can give me some ideas on what to be for MNSSHP? I only have a few days to get this together. My kids want me to be curella but ordering off of Disneyshopping will take forever and I need to leave Tuesday night. Any ideas on what I can throw together? I do have Minnie ears but I cant figure out what to do next with it. SOmeone give me some ideas:confused: :wub:


How about a Pirate??


Good idea… What do I need? A patch a hat what else??


Here’s a link to Disney costumes… maybe get some ideas from this… Grown-Ups


Done that!! I headed to the mall to check out some things… Thanks:heart:


DD and I bought Pirate PJs from Khol’s and bought a hat and gun at the MK…worked out fine.


Good idea as well… That could poss work… I do have some minnie ears and was thinking about makeing up some kind of stuff to go with it but I dont know… Im about 10 minutes from getting ready to get to the mall… The pirate costume is good so far. my 9YO DD wanted me to be cruella but I have to figure out how to get that going…