Mnsshp 2009


This year MNSSHP dates were Tuesday and Fridays, with some Saturday’s included… I am wondering if they are going to offer the same for 2009.

I would love to spend MNSSHP with MissSMIG on her birthday.


We are thinking of going also. 2009 Halloween is on a Saturday so we may make a long weekend of it. So if there is a MNSSHP on 10/31 buy your tickets early! We were there on 10/31 in 2006 crowded but alot of fun!


We ha so much fun this past September that I can’t wait to go back.


Neer been to this… what exactly is it?


MNSSHP is a hard ticket event that takes place at Magic Kingdom that starts mid September and ends right after Halloween. It is a big Halloween party geared for families with small children. DW & I went in September and even though we do not have kids, we had a fantastic time. There is a special fireworks show, parade and dance show in front of the castle. Plus, there are trick or treat areas throughout the park. Alot of people go dressed in costumes, nothing risque mind you, and you are not obligated to wear a costume.

Definitely well worth going at least once


We got to go to the MNSSHP for the first time just a couple weeks ago. We LOVED it!!! We have been to the MVMCP before and this was so much better. We absolutely loved the parade they had. (The grave diggers were a little creepy with their shovels.) Both kids had a blast trick or treating at the candy stations. Even my wife and I started to get some treats as well. We went the evening of October 28th which was a Tuesday. The crowds were very manageable and we only noticed them during the parade. I know that Halloween night had been sold out for a couple of weeks before we got there. We were afraid that the kids would be upset that they didn’t get to trick or treat with their friends, but they both asked if we can do it again next year. We’ll have to wait and see. :happy: