Mnsshp 2010


Ok maybe it’s a little early to think about Halloween 2010 but my DD (22) and I and maybe some other lucky souls have never been to it and would like to go maybe Columbus Weekend 2010.

Any suggestions as to what to see/do at the party? Any favorite shows? Special activities? Where can I get Party Pins?

Any other useful information for a MNSSHP virgin?:goofybounce:


Also is a costume the norm?

Will I feel out of place in regular clothes?


We just back a week ago and we loved the party. The parade is so fun. We liked it better than the Christmas parade (MVMCP). Then there’s trick or treating, dancing in the streets, characters, and of course walking right on most rides. We didn’t, but a lot of adults dressed for the party. Must say, my dh liked :heart: the way some of the ladies dressed as Tinkerbelle. :ohmy::blush: You won’t be disappointed if you decide to go.


You definitely won’t feel out of place with regular clothes; in fact, unless you really want to focus on costumes, I’d recommend doing either nothing or something very simple with regular clothes. My daughter and I wore store bought costumes, and we faded rapidly in the humidity.

We really enjoyed the parade and Hallowishes. The candy stops were fun. I was a bit disappointed in the Villain Mix n’ Mingle; it was really short. If you or your family are into the characters, you’ll be in heaven. They are all over the place. I had a hard time jumping on some rides; I just kept thinking that we should be making sure we were doing the MNSSHP stuff.

I really hope I get a chance to go back again. The atmosphere is just fantastic.



We did the Columbus Day trip last month. Of Course everyone had a blast. Me and my DW had matching vampire mickey shirts. Got alot of “where did you get that shirt”! We odered online prior to trip on Disney’s web site which had the halloween theme and personalization on t-shirts. Kids had costumes but within an hour into HP the costumes were off due to the heat. Got alot of pics prior to de-costuming.


FYI, I was at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday 10/31, before the MNSSHP started.

There were signs everywhere that the party was sold out for that night.

While it isn’t exactly what you asked, I thought I would share that people who are thinking about attending MNSSHP on Halloweed get their tickets early! They do sell out.


We are going MNSSHP next year we have been planning this trip since June. we are already working on costumes - okay now that I see this in print, maybe it is a bit overzealous, but who cares!

I understand that they always sell out on Halloween night. Does it seem really busy during a sell out? Are the ride lines long?


Oooo we’ll be there next year too! We’ve been planning it since before we booked the trip lol! Last time we went, we didn’t do costumes and it was fine, alot don’t! But next year a few of us definatly want to dress up, it’ll make for some great pictures Im sure! The parade and hallowishes are amazing! Be sure to see those! There are some great characters-in-costume photo ops and you will get TONS of sugary goodies to keep you going for the rest of your trip! We’ve never had any problems with rides, infact the only one that had a queue was HM! You will definatly have a great night! They sell MNSSHP merchandise from various carts and shops throughout the night and there will be pins etc that can only be bought at the party so make sure you get one for your collection!


I’m all excited about the exclusive MNSSHP pins and all the other merchandise.
If the MNSSHP keeps the same schedule as this year we will attend on Friday the 8th because DD can only get 1 day off from work, so we will fly on Thursday night and have all day Fri, Sat & Sun and fly back on Columbus Day.

Oh this is exciting because MVMCP has always been the ultimate Disney experience for me, so let’s see if MNSSHP can give MVMCP a run for the money.:pirate: