Mnsshp 9/22/2006


EXCITED… EXCITED… yes I am. Just bought Nikki and Me tickets to MNSSHP on 9/22 - I changed my ADR from Le Cellier 7pm to Coral Reef 5pm… DH wants to be in Epcot that day, after dinner, Nikki and I are off to MNSSHP… but how do I get there from EPCOT… I don’t remember… it has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONGGGGGGGGGGG since I have been to WDW I don’t remember. I guess we will get there after 6pm and wait…

Do we wear customs… actually do I wear one…

Who else will be there 9/22


Congrats on your tickets! you are going to love the party. It is a blast. Adults and children are welcome to wear costumes to the party. My DD (11 at the times) and I just got matching Halloween themed T-shirts that we got at Target. She didn’t want to do the costume thing. there are basic rules for the costumes…family friendly etc. Nothing that common sense wouldn’t tell you. Enjoy the party!


Dana’s answers are perfect, as usual! :flowers:

You take the monorail from Epcot and switch at TTC to the MK monorail and then…You’re THERE! You’re going to have such a great time!!! We :heart: MNSSHP!! (we’ll be there on the 2nd)


Thanks for the info…


Also, When you get your tickets in the mail, they’ll have listed for you the “rules” of the costumes, etc…


List of rules… I guess we can’t dress in Universal Characters… oppsss just kidding…


We will be there for the 9/22 party as well! Haven’t decided yet on the costumes. We too are looking froward to it!


You will have a great time! It is so much fun. We will be there on 9/29.


We’ll also be there on 9/22!! DD will be tink, DS is Buzz, DW Minnie & myself as Jafar!


I spoke to DD last night and we both agree that we are going to buy matching shirts… so when we get in on the 16th DD and I will be going to DTD to look for shirts…

Hope we get to meet all the DCer’s on the 22nd… we should try to find a meeting spot…



You will love MNSSHP! About the matching shirts - you can also check out We had our halloween t-shirts made there last year and I believe we will be doing it again this year.