Mnsshp 9/29/2009


MissSMIG and I are planning on attending Tuesday 9/29/2009 who else will be there that night… would love to see if we can meet during the event.


Not us. We are going 9-18 but would love to hear any advise we may need to know about or any tips that would be helpful for a 1st timer. :heart:


we’re going the 22nd…sorry. I can leave you a message in a bottle, though…


I wish me, it is my birthday… but we won’t be there until Feb.


Hey 22 for us also:wub:


We’ll be there on the 29th! Have dinner ressies at 1900 Park Fare at 4:40 and then will be headed over!


We are going the 22 too!!! I cannot wait!


Oh my! I just looked at the ticket price WOW is it just me or did it go up $20?


Im not too sure what the price per person was last year but for 1 adult and 1 child ran me about $110.00:pinch:


I know it used to be like $48 and now $60+ for ONE A ADULT. That’s like park admission?


Its crazy! When the CM gave me the total I was shocked but we have never done MNSSHP before so Im excited but the price was a shocker


Well it is AWESOME!!! :wub: You’ll have a good time for sure.


We are looking forward to MNSSHP… it will just be MissSMIG and myself - this is her birthday trip and this is her birthday present from DH and I. DH says he will just veg at the hotel or wonder around DtD.


This is Madison’s present too. Im going to get her a Jasmine costume so she can unwrap it in the room and her ticket will be in the box.