MNSSHP Attendance levels


Does anyone have information about attendance levels of the HP on different nights for last year? It is happening a bunch of times while we are there, and we are debating going our first night, a Tuesday (Sept. 22) or our first friday, Sept. 25, which is also the first night of the Food and Wine Festival.

Anyone have thoughts on the difference in attendance on these nights? (or a crystal ball to predict the weather!:laugh:)


I can’t speak from any scientific standpoint or anything but if you’re worried about crowds I wouldn’t. The night we went in '06 was sold out and we never would have guessed that if we hadn’t heard it from a CM. There was little to no lines and we secured a spot for the parade about 20 minutes beforehand and ended up with a front row.


Most of the times we’ve done the Halloween party, even on nights that it’s supposedly sold out it hasn’t been bad. A sell out crowd will be only half of the MK’s full capacity of 80,000.
Although there is one time we did a Christmas party and the lines on the rides we wanted to do were pretty bad by comparison.


We attended MNSSHP in 2002 and 2005 and can’t say we suffered with crown levels (this was both during October). The line rides where pretty minimal, the only one that had much of a queue was HM! Apart from that (and I think PP & IASM), we pretty much walked on everything! Ive never really heard about much crown trouble, even during sold out nights! We even secured front row spots for the parades and Hallo-Wishes without having to camp out for more than 15 - 20mins!


I thought that would be the case as far as attendance…it is my son’s birthday that first day, I just think we will be too tired to do the party on our first night (driving 13+ hrs from Tn), and I would like to anticipate it more. We will be there 12 nights…why not wait until day 4? I think the crowds will be split and many locals will go to the opening of the Food and Wine Festival too, that night. Now, just hope for a nice night, not too hot, no rain!


I always go on Halloween night, and even with a SOLD OUT crowd, the ONLY time you notice it is when there is a parade and fireworks, pretty much everything else is walk on. :happy:


It’s quite true. A sold out party is only 30,000 tix sold. A normal busy day at MK is 55,000 people. Whether it’s a sold out party or not, you’ll never have to worry about crowds at a party.


The Weekdays are not as crowded as the Fri - Sunday weekend parties excluding the day before and day of Halloween. The closer you get to Halloween the more crowded the parties are.


I have Friday Sept18th tickets. I wish I would have choose the weekday.
I do have a plan for the party.
We wont be doing alot of the rides. I want to experience the “party”


I always try to go in September because it seems like the party keeps getting more and more crowded the closer it gets to Halloween. I went to the HP last year around Sept 30 and it felt like there was NO ONE in the park. It was awesome! So I’d say pick whichever September night appeals to you and enjoy! :happy:


I’d go for the weeknight. Weekends will be more crowded and the closer you get to Halloween will be worse.

Of course, we’re going to do the party on 9/4 which was SUPPOSED to be the night before our cruise. Being labor day weekend and a Friday night I expect more of a crowd but it’s really early for a Halloween party so who knows. DW hasn’t been to one so it will be a trick or treat anyway. :eek: