MNSSHP Character Greetings


I know there are a couple of threads regarding MNSSHP, but I was wondering, are there any “rare” characters (including villians) who are available for character greetings (the one’s that you don’t see at the parks every day)? If so, which ones?

We have been passholders for a few years and recently we have been doing a type of scavenger hunt where we are trying to get photos with rare characters that only appear once in a while (you know, other than Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Princesses, etc…).

Also, I heard that there was a number that one can call to inquire as to what characters are appearing for the day at each specific park. Is anyone familiar with this? And if so, what is the number?

Thanks all!


I don’t know for sure since this will be our first MNSSHP but I would think that more villians would be out and from what I am told the regular characters are dressed in Halloween costumes. Here is a link from another site that lists the characters in general and where they may be found. It is a site from the UK

Disney World Character Greeting Guide


This one might help too. It is from WDW Character Hunt


ok and here is one more to help you with your quest to meet those rarely seen characters.:cool:

Disney World Character Finder Utility - presented by WDW Insiders


Snow White with all of the Dwarfs!!! We met quite a few villians as well, such as Melifacent and The Evil Queen. Also Mickey and Minnie are in there halloween costumes for their met and greets.


Wow! Those are great links… Thanks!

I’m glad that there will be some villians there to take pictures with as well as the 7 dwarfs! I think I have only seen Dopey in the past… Very cool.


You really want a rarity at the parties this year? The Witch from Snow White is meeting and greeting. Oh yes. Want more characters? Just message me and I’ll give you the whole lowdown, even though I’m not working the parties this year :sad: