MNSSHP Costume advice


Hi all. We’re doing the Halloween Party on 9/22 (I hope I got the acronym right!).

I’m assuming my twin daughters will dress as their favorite princesses (whichever ones that happens to be that week!).

My question is about costumes for adults.

I understand even adults are encouraged to dress up (as long as it’s not a full-head costume that conceals our entire face/head).

Is it appropriate for an adult to wear a character-themed costume? My wife’s afraid that’s a bit like “wearing white to a wedding”.

Anyone have first-hand experience with the ways adults dress up for this party?

Thanks in advance!


Defiantely wear costumes, but make sure they are comfortable enough to go on the rides. Also, we went last year around the same time you are going this year and it was hot!! So keep your comfort level in mind when choosing a costume. I believe there are some “rules” like nothing covering your face and nothing too risque. Have a great time MNSSHP is soooo fun. You won’t believe all the candy you’ll leave the park with! Also try to get an ADR at LTT for around 5:00pm and then when you’re done eating you can start going on the rides and trick-or-treating!!


Forgive me for straying off topic but…what is an ADR?? I keep saying that word everywhere! :huh:


Screever -
ADR is Advanced dining reservations. WDW just changed the PSes to that. I’m still confused too…lol

As for the costume -
I seem many adults in full costume last year when I went on Halloween night. Tell your DW to do what is comfortable for her. I jut wore a Halloween themed T-shirt cause I didn’t want to wear a costume, so give her that as an option. I must add that there were quite a few familes dressed in a group theme and that was just awseome. I saw a Peter Pan themed family and a fab five fam…totally adorable when the costumes coordinate.


I was worried about wearing a costume the first year we went to MNSSHP. Last year my boys dressed up as Capt. Jack Sparrow and Indiana Jones. I dressed up as Esmeralda but my husband decided to go the easy route. He wore a hawaiian shirt with “tourist” accessories and decided to call it the “Vacation Guy” costume. Have fun with it, you will have a great time!


I have seen planty of adults dressed in costumes…I once saw a pretty big guy dressed as Pooh (A full PLUSH costume) and his DD was dressed as Piglet - soooooo cute! But it must have been hot! I always just wear a Halloween tee from Old Navy.


Alot of adults we saw last OCT went all out, many princess/villians/ghosts/poohs and a few jacks were about! Actually some costumes where so good other tourists we having their pictures took with them and with a few it was hard to tell if it was a guest or a actual CM! I say go for it and have a blast, you’ll have an amazing night and dont miss the parade!


I went last year as well and am in agreement with everyone here. Go For It! People had so much fun with their costumes. But I agree that comfort should be a factor. It is still quite warm in Sept./Oct. Keep in mind that you should still wear comfortable shoes. My DD was Jasmine and her shoes weren’t very comfortable. She was a trooper however and enjoyed the whole evening. When we saw Jasmine and Aladin, we got a cute photo and Aladin made a big fuss. She didn’t complain about her feet for the rest of the night.


Last year I went and it was a blast. I dressed as Dorthy and bought a Pluto to go in my basket (Toto was dressed up too, as Pluto) and my friend went as Sally (Nightmare before Christmas). It was really a good time, a lot of the adults dressed as well, even the ones with out kids (like me).

I say go for it, but remember the Disney rules, comfortable shoes, and nothing too hot. And umbrellas if it rains, we refused to do the poncho thing as to not mess up our costumes.


We went to MNSSHP Oct. 30 and dressed as White Sox players (they had just won the World Series) and we had ADR’s for LTT, just as suggested, we had a great time, the characters came to our table to take pictures with us constantly. Don’t miss the parade (they run it twice by the way). Have a Magical vacation! And a great place for getting candy is between Toon Town and SM on the walkway next to the Speedway. Joe


i was tinkerbell for MNSSHP last year and had a blast. seeing the kids get all excited over me, especially little peter pans and tinkerbells, made the experience even more fun. there were a lot of grown up dressed as characters. there were some minnies and mickey’s, even a jessica rabbit. you can be anyone you want to be. no one can stop you. have fun deciding who you want to be.


Ya gotta dress up!!! This year I’m going as Jafar, my DW, who went as Belle last year, is dressing as Minnie this year!


We had a great time dressing up!!! It was one of the highlights of the trip, plus the picture they give you is so cute when you’re all dressed up!!!

Here’s us, Miss Piggy (me), Swedish Chef (hubby) and Princess Jasmine (daughter) and some other lady :tongue: !!

It was HOT though, we brought a change of clothes, thank goodness, my Miss Piggy costume was padded and I was SWEATING!!!


Thanks for all the advice, folks. I have an interesting costume idea in mind, but it might be a little warm for the weather. Thanks for reminding me about how warm it can still be in Sept in Fla. (especially lately!). We’ll see.

We’re staying at the Contemporary, and I bet it’ll be an interesting monorail ride over with everyone decked out in costumes.


I was brave last year and bought the Maleficent costume from Disney and boyy was I HOT!!! And we were there on 10/31 halloween nite!
The year before I was Ursula but was not brave enough to wear the wig.
DD was Mulan last year and she looked sooo GOOD! :heart:
the year before she was Ariel and at the CP she got a group picture w/Pooh and all the other characters and they made a big fuss over her and kept calling her “Ariel”, she loved it!!!
last year when we took the boat ride from WL to the MK everyone was in costume and it was fun to see others in costume too.

And I usually sell my costumes on Ebay afterwards (Maleficent goes up for sale this fall!!!), I dont ever plan on wearing them again so I just sell them.

I see alot of Fun costumes at MNSSHP, some are home made and some store bought. At LTT last year I saw an Elvis and the Pink Ladies from Grease, that was fun and also a Tigger! :happy: I also saw some women dressed as Minnie and a Daisy Duck too!
I agree with the others, wear something that is comfortable and that you won’t roast in!!!


…bought the Maleficent costume from Disney…

How did you do that? At one of the theme parks? DTD? MAil Order?


I love MNSSHP. Best halloween party around.

I have a funny story about it. I went last year, and I was Jessica Rabbit. Well I had a whole bunch of people all day saying ‘Hey it’s Jessica!’ and I asked how they knew my name… the people looked at me like I had three heads! I had forgotten I was in costume!

So if your name is Peter, Alice, or Jessica, don’t ever dress up as the corresponding characters.


I bought it from Disney Online. They always sell costumes for Halloween.
They would only sell the child costumes like the Princess ones in the Disney Store but if you wanted an adult costume you could order it from the catalog or online (same thing). And they always go on sale as it gets closer to Halloween.