MNSSHP Costume Question?


Since it sounds like there’s a good chance DH and I will be at WDW in October, I’m trying to come up with costume ideas for us…DH really wants to do Mr. Incredible (naturally) & Elastigirl, but that seems to be quite a popular choice this year. :laugh:

My question is, I thought I heard that there were pretty strict guidelines regarding what you can/cannot wear to MNSSHP? I mean, they obviously don’t want guests getting mixed up with ACTUAL costumed CMs or anything…I thought I even heard that you weren’t allowed to wear masks?

Can anyone offer help or info? I don’t know what the “official” rules are, if there are any…


Wear nothing your grandmother would have a heart attack over…for that matter, where nothing that will gain the wrong kind of attention if you know what I mean. This is disneyworld we are talking about and if you just remember that, there will be no problem. Be anything you want to be, within reason of course…as for the masks question…I can’t remember if I saw anyone like that…if all else fails…you all can be hicks…like me and my friends were two octobers ago…hehehe


you could be hicks? Oh Baloo…ohhh


Nope, no masks. I think beyond that they’re pretty open. I remember seeing people dressed as Disney characters. :slight_smile:


Remember, I went as Snow White (in a Disney Store costume) last year and that family wanted to have their picture taken with me.


LOL thanks guys, I guess that answers my question!!

I was thinking about making costumes for us…I was thinking maybe the Mad Hatter & Alice would be fun, whaddaya think? Just a thought. I’d have to wear a blonde wig though…that might be kinda weird. :huh:

I’m always open to suggestions!


Yeah there are restrictions, I think they said no masks.
they tell you over the phone when you order your tickets.
(I can’t wait for them to go on sale!!!)
I was going to be one of the Incredibles too along with my DD but I dont know if they will allow that type of mask ?!


We did Alice two years ago. We ran into another family who did it… it was a LOT of fun! I (of course) was the Cheshire Cat (eBay is your friend, I still have the ears and tail), my youngest daughter was Alice, my teenage daughter was the Queen of Hearts and my BF was the Mad Hatter. We really had a great time.


Why is there a rule against guests wearing masks for MNSSHP?


I’m not positive, but I’m assuming it’s a safety measure of some sort? I mean, I know it probably sounds bad, but maybe it’s because of terrorism? :frown:


That sounds a bit far-fetched to me, but in this day and age, that’s a possibility, sadly! :nonono2:


I know. :sad:

The only other viable explanation is that they don’t want people to get guests mixed up with actual characters! (But, as lawwin mentioned, masks aren’t everything! :laugh:)


true, though that sounds like a more logical explanation to me! :wink:


I would be sure to wear a costume that you can move freely in and be comfortable in if you are planning on riding the rides.


dznygrl you will have to post pictures. i will not be there for halloween this year, but hopefully soon. it sounds like so much fun. i am so excited to hear what you decide to be (you might think i was included!)


Honestly I don’t know why… I just remember that was one of the rules. I think Halloween Horror Night at Universal has that rule too.