MNSSHP Costume Question


Can a kid dressed as a jedi bring a light saber as part of the costume? Thanks in advance! :wub:


I think potential weapons (yes I know it’s just a light saber) are not allowed. I don’t know if they would consider a light saber a potential weapon…I seriously doubt it though. Call and ask to save youself the headache later. It should be fine though.


Thanks, Dana! :biggrin:


The letter that I recieved with my tickets says For the Safety otf other please follow the following guidelines
Contain any weapon which could resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon
Contain any sharp or pointed object or material that may accidentally strike another guest.


Considering you can buy light sabers at MGM, they might let you bring one to the MNSSHP.


thats a good point, if they sell it, you should be able to bring it as part of the costume.