Mnsshp Costume Question


I was wondering what different types of costumes do people wear, I have thought about dressing up but I don’t want to be a disney character b/c I don’t want to confuse some of the younger kids. My kids are older and half the family wants to dress up the other half don’t. I am leaveing it up to each one. I just don’t want to offend anyone in the park by whatever costume I choose. I ahve been searching on line at different costumes and have seen some I like but they are mot related to Disney.Will that be a problem?


I’ve never been to MNSSHP I know that you can dress up like whatever you want, I understand not wanted to be a disney character. Although you could dress like a Disney character and just paint your face to look like them (ex. Minnie Mouse) You can be whatever you want. I think witches are the cutest, with bright green costume. :smiley:


I would avoid anything too scary because of the young children in the parks.


And you can’t wear masks.


You can dress up to be anything you want…repsectable of course…lol No weapons or “inappropriate” attire…lol :ohmy: I once saw a playboy bunny and a hugh heffner at the party though…that was weird. :glare: DD and I used to wear Halloween themed Tshirts and some crazy halloween socks…nothing to into it, but clearly Halloweenish.


I have seen some really created things at the party, I have also seen some things that should not be in a park with children.


Nope. Each time we go (we’ve been 3x) we see a mix of people dressed up. There are some scary costumes . . . DISNEY JUST DOESN’T LIKE OFFENSIVE . . . most people do dress as Disney theme characters, and the ACTUAL characters are in costume as well . . . so I don’t think you’ll confuse the children.

One year there was a man and women dressed as beauty and the beast their costumes were OUT OF THIS WORLD . . . they looked better then the actual characters . . . they looked like they had stepped right off the broadway stage. . . they were even so kind to let people take pictures with them! :wub:

My kids always dress up . . . but I’ll just wear orange or black and cool earrings, socks . . . cuz it can be CRAZY hot or chilly in FL that time of year, so I’d say comfort first.


When/if I dress up for MNSSHP, I always try to go with a general costume that’s comfortable. I’ve been a farmer (overalls and a bandanna with eyeliner freckles and pigtails), a doctor (scrubs!), and a pirate (cut off the bottoms of a pair of painter’s pants at ragged angles, wear a vest over a t-shirt, a big hoop earring, bandanna, and an eyepatch). Easily recognizable and you feel like you’re wearing pajamas…that’s the perfect costume for me! :happy:


I’d go for general thing like witches, wizards and the rest of the Halloween family of Horrors :laugh:


When we were there last year, there were a lot of pirates at the party. Also a lot of Disney characters. Really, almost anything goes as long as you do not wear a mask and it is not too scary or offensive.


Any pics of costumes out there…We say a family dress as The Incredibles last year very cute.


That’s funny, I was wondering the same thing about our October trip to MNSSHP. I am probably not going to dress up, neither is DH, but we just said the other day, “I wonder what people dress like?” I assumed mostly Disney but I do like Bali’s idea about easily recognizable stuff like farmers, cowboy, etc.

Hmm, I think it might be fun to dress like a “land” in the MK. :laugh: Like dress like spacemen and hang out in Tomorrowland. :laugh: Or dress like a safari person and hang out in Adventureland… blend in with the atmosphere. :laugh:


Or try to approximate a cast member costume and infiltrate Aloha Isle for free dolewhips… :ph34r: :whistling :angel:

(Oh my goodness! Who said that!?)


When we went we didn’t dress up but we were the minority. Almost all the kids were dressed up and a lot of parents were dressed up. Most people were recognizable stuff like a witch, mummy, etc…etc…but some parents did do some Disney characters and it wasn’t a big deal especially with the big guys like Mickey, Minnie etc… because their costumes are SO different (fancy).


It’s more fun to have some kind of costume on when you go trick or treating. Feels silly to do it in your regular clothes. We all did the standard “Mouseketeers” last year. We all wore red tees with out names on them and ears. They were cute, easy, not too hot, and recognizable.


We have seen lots of different costumes at MNSSHP- but oneof the most memorable was three girls wearing the witch costumes similar to the ones in the film ‘Hocus Pocus’ with Bette Midler and SJP.
The girls even had the wigs and did the famous side to side walk with linked arms that featured in the film- they were so good.


I hope this is not thread-jacking…

Do they supply the trick-or-treating bag, container, pillow case or do we have to bring one?




I am sure you can bring your own but they give you a little bag…and you can have as many as you want. The Dave had two and ate most of his loot by the time we got back to the resort!:laugh:


When I went in '06 there didn’t seem to be a ton of people in costume, but in '07 it seemed there were and I wish I had dressed up.
I think wearing a Disney character costume is the best and adds more to the magic that night. Avoid costumes that are too long, for going on rides. I have Maleficent and Evil Queen costumes that I would love to wear, but would be a hassle and hazard on rides.
This is the first time we won’t be going to a Mickey party of some kind, bummer! The MNSSHP is my FAVORITE!!! I love the music and lighting the most!!!