MNSSHP Costumes


I have never been to the Halloween party. What are the restrictions on costumes for guest?


I’ve been a few times and some of the costumes are amazing. However, I am not sure about restrictions. We saw pretty much everything in there. Isn’t there some rule about character costumes? (understandably) and we just notice that most outfits were family orientated too. There was a young man on the bus with his mother he was about in his 20’s and he was dressed like the Grim Reaper with scythe too, and it didn’t really bode well on a Disney bus? Even I found it a little thought provoking…you will love it whatever you decide to wear!


Here’s the rule that I found on another board.

  1. They should not interfere with their ability to board and unboard attractions and WDW transportation system.
  2. Do not drag on the ground.
  3. Do not contain sharp or pointed objects or material that may accidentally strike another guest.
  4. Be offensive to other guest.
  5. Should not contain any weapon(s) which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon.