MNSSHP costumes


So, we just found out that the 6 year old has seen The Avengers twice since Friday lol and loves The Hulk. We found an awesome costume at The Disney Store that has a mask. My question is are you allowed to wear a mask in the MK for MNSSHP? I could have sworn I. Read somewhere that they are not allowed.


I’m sure they would be fine with a 6 year old in a mask? Both my DD and myself wore half masks when we went and no one said anything at all. I have been many times but can’t truthfully remember, but my DH says he thinks he saw a Phantom of the Opera mask one year.


We’ve been but a long long time ago—I don’t remember any rules about masks at all then, however, I also don’t recall—nor see any masks—on anyone in our pictures. I would think a 6 year old should be allowed to wear it unless perhaps on a ride or something? Give it a go—explaining to the child that it may have to come off part of the time.


I thought it was no masks too, but i cannot remember for sure. I know it is no scary masks for sure. Mickey does not want it scary!


No it would definitely be a no to scary or Halloween type masks, but fun characters like the Hulk on a child should be fine. As I said me and DD wore masks and nothing was said.
I think Disney character costumes are not welcome as this could lead to all sorts of misunderstandings and even possible dangerous situations for children if they thought a regular guest was a CM?


You do realize S.H.I.E.L.D. has an entire division devoted to keeping the Hulk from destroying major urban populations around the world? How fun! :eek::laugh: