Where should I go for dinner on my MNSSHP night?
Is there anything special going on dining-wise?

There will be 6 of us “grown-up kids” - lol:
My mom
My dad
My brother
My brother’s girlfriend

I’m thinking LTT? Although we had a family dinner there last time…

Any suggestions welcome please!


We’ve done LTT twice before MNSSHP and really enjoyed it both times. I would think that Crystal Palace would be fun, too, but I like the division of the restaurant at LTT. It doesn’t seem so loud and the food comes to you!


Last year, we went to Narcoose’s at GF on our MNSSHP night. Took to monorail over and then after dinner took the ferry to MK. So special!

Food is AWESOME, but it is a signature DDP meal. Worth the two TS vouchers for us! And if it is all grown-ups you may enjoy? I had LOBSTER and loved every bite.

But perhaps you want to stay in the park. If so, I vote Crystal Palace!


We booked Crystal Palace at 5:45pm on the night we are planning on going to MNSSHP. I know the characters at Liberty Tree are often in costume before the party so that might be a fun choice but we go to LTT nearly every trip so we wanted to give CP a try. What night are you planning on going?


We have and are going back to LTT for 5:45. We came out last year and had the parade right in front of us. It was great. The characters are dressed up for the occasion, and it just gets us in the mood for the nights festivities.


We are hoping to do MNSSHP on Oct 9th.
Its my first time! Can’t wait!


Thanks for the replies everyone!


I have 5:20 at Chef Mickeys the night we’re planning on MNSSHP


When we went last year we did LTT and it was great. DH would have liked to pick his own food but if he helped and put his bit in then we may have been somewhere else. I thought it was great to add to the whole MNSSHP.


Crystal Palace is never open during hard ticket events, so, you’d better be seated before 6:30.
The only sit down we’ve ever done in MK during a party was during a 2004 Halloween party at Tony’s Town Square, otherwise, we’ve eaten outside the park and likely will grab a burger at Cosmic Ray’s around 11 if we’re still hungry.


I’d vote for LTT.


Liberty Tree’s menu is too limited for me when compared to Crystal Palace.
But I might just give it a try sometime before this decade ends.


We’ll be there too! :laugh: AND, it’s our first MNSSHP too! :laugh:


Are you sure we’re not going on vacation together? :laugh: :laugh:


This is when my family is planning on going too.


You should try it! The food is VERY good . . . we enjoyed it when we went in Feb for the P&PP! The character interactions was fun too!

I liked being at the back of the park when the event started . . . they block off the hubs, but non paying ticket holders got to stick around on Main St. for a little while!

ALTHO, now that I think about it . . . they do the first parade around 8pm so they do rush people out faster for MNSSHP! :blush:


went last year got raine dout terrible allnight storm so we are trying it again this year same night september 16. we ate at LTT also food was not very good so we are trying something else probably CP


Maybe we’ll all run into each other :slight_smile:


We are doing LTT at 4:10 on 9/16 before MNSSHP. We will have to make a mad dash from the front gates to LTT since we won’t be going in to the park until 4pm.


We ate at LTT two years ago when we went to our first MNSSHP and we loved it! We are going back again this year and can’t wait. It really is one of our favorites now. The food is pretty good and the character interaction is great. Have fun!