MNSSHP experts: Anyone willing to share a touring plan?


I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit everything in to 5 hours on the night of MNSSHP, and am wondering if any of you experts would be willing to share a touring plan with me. We want to get on a few attractions, get our pics with some of the characters, do a little trick-or-treating, watch the parade (from an ideal spot - is frontierland the best place?), see the fireworks, do a little shopping with all the MNSSHP merchandise available and that doesn’t seem like it could possibly fit in one night. I’d love to hear how you all tackle MNSSHP in WDW.


Great question! I would love to have a plan too!


OK, I don’t think that you can fit it into one night… I have been twice. I concentrated on things that we really wanted to see, or characters that we really wanted to see. None of this will be out before 7. Parade is a must do. I saw it one year from Frontierland, but the lights that were attached to the building were right in my eye, and it almost ruined it for me… Just be aware of that… parades and fireworks are a must do (I would try to see the front of the castle for this).
Character lines can be long, and candy can be long at first, but there are a ton of sites, and they really keep them moving.

I would say definitely eat well before 7 to start with, and get a plan for the party as you enter the park (in the area under the train station… and make a plan there). The characters will be dressed in Halloween costumes- SO CUTE! And there are surprises as well in terms of who you see… It definitely makes you pay attention.

Make sure you are well rested for that night, so you can stay until closing. The rides clear out the later the night gets… But be prepared, everyone is rushing around to see and do everything as well… It is not too crowded, and it gets less so, after the parades.



Start at 4 when they allow guests for the party to enter.


From what I remember, none of the unique stuff is out until 7… Just don’t waste time eating at 7:00 somewhere- it will be packed. They do a good job of getting people out of the park, but it can be mayhem on mainstream until then.


the parades are a must…the dw and I took turns waiting in line for snow white that is a big line very popular…while the other took the girls to do some things…get in it early if you want the pics with her an the 7 dwarfs… parades are a must.
have to get around with the photopass pics around the haunted mansion area with the ghosts added in it, cinderellas carrage also, and the other characters are in halloween outfits also, than if you want the pins get those early as they will sell out faster than you might think they only put out a limited # each night.
candy oh do not forget the candy.

IF you are not carefull you will spend all night just waiting in lines for pictures and miss out on a lot of the other enjoyment of the night.

I am trying to decide right now as to if I am wanting to do 2 nights of the party in Oct. or just 1 night to try to get it all in. I know that would set me back another 240 for the family but not sure as to wether or not I would like to.


We have a 5:45 ressie at CP. That should be enough time to eat prior to the party getting started, shouldn’t it?

Is Frontierland where the parade starts? If so, that would give us a few extra minutes to visit characters and trick-or-treat, wouldn’t it, since the parade wouldn’t reach Mainstreet for another 20 minutes or so? Then we could head toward the hub for the fireworks, although, would we find a decent spot, or would it be really packed like it is for Wishes in the summer?

Still wondering if we wouldn’t be better off watching the late parade? Of course all of this hinges on whether it is going to rain or not.

Times like this I wish I were more like DH, who is more “Que Sera, Sera”.:blush: It’s just that $260 was a lot to spend on a party and I want to be prepared


You MUST see the parade and you MUST see the fireworks. We tend to campout between the parade and the fireworks and watch them both from the Hub.

If you want to go trick-or-treating, just know that the candy is the same (for the most part) all around the park, so you don’t really need to hit every spot unless someone wants to. My favorite place to go is Alice & the Mad Hatter’s Trick or Treat Trail. Great decorations and lots of candy stops!

The Villains Mix & Mingle show is pretty good, but the best part is the actual mixing & mingling afterwards! However, there are like 6 villains all out at once and they leave pretty quickly. So definitely get in line for your favorite villain first. I got pictures with Facilier and Maleficent last year! We were in line for Jafar when the villains had to leave.

I like to focus on the party atmosphere rather than the attractions. Haunted Mansion is an absolute MUST DO for me (well, it is all the time, but especially MNSSHP, because there are some subtle changes for the party!) but besides that, we just do what we feel like and what has a short line.

My number one tip: don’t stress out! I know it’s hard not to when you’ve spent so much extra money on a 5 hour party, but that’s what you paid for - a party! So have fun! Enjoy the special things going on at the party (parade, fireworks, special characters, etc.) that day guests don’t get to see. Don’t get bogged down by how much there is to get done - enjoy the fact that there is so much going on and you get to be a part of it! :happy:



My number one tip: don’t stress out! I know it’s hard not to when you’ve spent so much extra money on a 5 hour party, but that’s what you paid for - a party! So have fun! Enjoy the special things going on at the party (parade, fireworks, special characters, etc.) that day guests don’t get to see. Don’t get bogged down by how much there is to get done - enjoy the fact that there is so much going on and you get to be a part of it! :happy:[/QUOTE]

This is what I need to remember. I talked to the kids and my husband last night and asked them what they want to get out of this party and they all said they just want to enjoy the atmosphere (well, the youngest said CANDY).

I’m mostly just hung up about the parade and the fireworks because I’ve been there in the summer and we had to stake out our place for an hour and then people tried to stand in front of us right before it started. That was kind of a bummer.


This is a great tip- we did this last time and it makes so much difference. More time to fit everything in. Parade and Fireworks are a definite ‘must do’ though.


You have enough time if you have a 5:45 ressie… I think that is perfect. You will have so much fun, and there is a definite excitement in the air starting about that time… It feels like Christmas, without all the stress of getting presents…

do not stress, it is such a festive atmosphere, and it will give you such a boost to be there… and the kids too- they will be running on adrenaline by the end of the night… That is ok- so is everyone else.


How close to Halloween are you going? The earlier in Sept/Oct you go, the less crowded it tends to be. Since only so many people can get tickets per night, it shouldn’t be anything like summer.


We are actually going to the first party on the 13th. I was hoping that would work to our advantage. It is on a Tuesday and also as far away from Halloween as we could get. The only bummer part is that we are getting up at 4:45 that morning to get to the airport to catch our flight so, unless there is a lot of sleeping going on on the plane, we might be pretty tired by the end of the night. I’m hoping we will get to take a short nap in the afternoon before hitting the parks.


we went in september and the crowds were great. we went with the plan of the only regular attraction that we hit was haunted mansion (it’s a halloween party!). since we had the little ones, we spent most of our time at the “dance parties” and trick or treating. they got A LOT of time with mickey, minnie, and donald!!!


oh and the parade and fireworks DO NOT MISS!!! we saw the second parade and had front row right in front of the castle with absolutely no wait since everyone left after the first one.


We always head for Tomorrowland first, hit the candy lines and then hit Space Mountain.
Depending on how long the wait, we’ll also hit Buzz Lightyear.
We then follow the map to the candy lines up into Toonland (not sure what this will be this year) and then onto Alice’s Candy Trail which brings you back to the arcade next to Space Mountain.
Hit the candy lines you’ve already been through and bear left into Fantasyland.
You can either trick or treat, or you you can do rides. Again, pay attention to the wait time for Peter Pan. If it’s 15 minutes or under, do it NOW!
You get the idea, follow the candy map around the MK.


I’ve never been before so forgive me if this is a silly question. Are the candy lines every where and create bottle necks? The candy isn’t as important to us and we’d like to avoid that delay/crowd as much as possible. We’re going early October if that makes a difference any. Thanks in advance for the info.


This is the map I found from last year’s MNSSHP on showing where the candy stations are.


The parade and the fireworks we watched from Main Street last year and did not have a problems.


Not silly! The candy stops are set off the main paths. If you don’t want to trick or treat, they’re easy to avoid and shouldn’t make any traffic problems. For example, the Alice & Mad Hatter trail is on that semi-hidden path between Toontown & Tomorrowland that hardly anyone ever walks down. Hope that helps. :happy: