Hi all! Wondering if any MK spots like LTT have a special menu for MNSSHP? Thanks!:pirate:


Nope, the menus are the same as during the day. I am pretty sure that only during Thanksgiving the menus change.


Nope same menu but the characters are in costume at LTT on nights of the MNSSHP. We had ADR’s and it took over 45 minutes to get a table and service was HORRIBLE. We’ll never do that again.


For whatever reason, I don’t care for LTT.
Of course, Crystal Palace closes at regular park closing these nights.
I usually wind up at Cosmic Ray’s.


No way!!! We have a 5:55 ressie at LTT on MNSSHP night (Starts at 7) if we eat slow, will we see the characters in costume?