MNSSHP & My 1st TR


OK everyone…here goes…

Our first day we arrive at the Resort. Our first stay at WL…we loved it!
(me aka Mickeymotto, DH and 2 DS)


…and look what was waiting for us…


love that new look in that room/. it looks so different from when I stayed there.


oops…my photo is too large…lets try another…

We had a real cute Mickey towel animal…but check out the boys in the lobby


I loved the room! Here are some other close ups:


We got the room with bunk beds!


Our first day we spent checking out the resort. We all just loved the Wilderness Lodge…especially the pool! It is so beautiful there.


After a nice quiet lunch at the Whispering Canyon:laugh: :laugh: we decided to head off to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping where the boys tried on some hats and ran into a few pirates along the way!:pirate:


I love he WL! Great pictures…can’t wait to hear more.


ARRRGGGHHH!!!:pirate: :pirate: :pirate:


Welcome back!! Love the pics and can’t wait to hear more about your trip :happy: WL looks so beautiful.


It was very hot and muggy, so we spent a great deal of time shopping to stay:cool: cool during this trip!:laugh:

Does everyone know that you can get 10% off your purchases at the World of Disney if you have a Disney Visa?

After spending the afternoon at DTD, we decided to go back for a swim back at the resort. Did I mention that we :wub: LOVED:wub: the pool?!?!?

After a cool down at the pool and some more shopping at the WL Mercantile gift shop :laugh: we decided to take a relaxing boat ride to the Poly for dinner at…Ohanas!!!


Ohanas is one our favorite places to go. This time the boys got up enough courage to try the hula! :ph34r: They didn’t know I was taking their picture…it was so funny


After a wonderful dinner…and plenty of Banana Fosters Bread Pudding…we headed back to the room with an added bonus of Wishes on the way back!!!
What a great way to end our first day!!!


…and some more…


Did I mention the we:wub: loved :wub: the pool!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Can’t wait to hear more. WL is one of our favorites - we loved the pool as well. We just got back from WDW a week ago and we spent A LOT of time at the pool…I guess the heat and humidity hasn’t let up yet!:laugh: Your boys are beautiful - keep the pictures coming!!!


Day 2 We woke up early and had breakfast at Roaring Forks and off the Epcot for the day! As soon as we got there we walked over to Soaring and literally walked on with no wait!:biggrin: We were in the first row and the ride didn’t even fill up! We loved it so much we rode it twice!!

Then it was off to the Living Seas with Crush…


After riding around Future World all morning we headed off for lunch at the Biergarten in Germany. We always try to stay for the show when we are there…


After lunch we did the World tour:laugh: …love Maelstorm in Norway and watched the drums in Japan. DS had to snack his way around the world too…starting with the gummie bears in Germany, chicken Teryaki in Japan and ending with a Napolean in France:blow:

Also stopping along the way to have some fun…I think we were in Japan here too…