MNSSHP on 9/11


I have been to MNSSHP many times in past years when we have visited WDW in October. We always purchased tickets well in advance. We are going to WDW in September this year and while we are at WDW there is 1 MNSSHP scheduled which is 9/11. After reading some of the accounts of MNSSHP rain outs in September I am wondering if we would be better off waiting until closer to the time to check a weather forecast before purchasing tickets. Do you think a party that early will sell out before the day of the event? Any thoughts would be appreciated!


I’d wait. No sense in wasting that much money.


We have gone to the first party of MNSSHP for two years. One had some rain that cancelled the Villain show and one parade, but the second parade went on as scheduled. Neither was crowded; we did not get the sense that it was sold out, or anywhere close.

I’d wait. Sept. is Hurricane season after all, and if you have been before…


That could be a tough call. The 9/11 event is on a Friday, and the weekend events tend to sell out quicker due to the local people wanting to go. As there are only 40,000 tickets available for each event, they could go quick.


I was going to go 9-11 but decided to buy tickets for 9-18. If its a rain out will they do a refund?


I was thinking of going on 9/11, but I am going to wait and see… We were there last year for Labor Day week and although we have never been to MNSSHP, I did check for the Friday last year, and they were not sold out. I have the impression that they don’t really sell out until much closer to Halloween, but I can be wrong.


When I bought my tickets a few days ago, I asked as well.
They do not do a refund at all according to WDW Travel Co.
They would allow you to change dates in the case that they actually cancel the entire event. They only close the event if there is a hurricane, extreme weather or unforseen catastrophic event.
Certain portions may cancel or be moved due to weather- just like a normal rainy day in the parks.
I bought mine anyway because this is our first chance at going :slight_smile: We usually go in January so I wanted to make sure we saw it.
If it rains, I guess we get wet. It will be better than 90+ degrees in the sun!


I’ve got my tickets for 9/4 already. Was SUPPOSED to be precruise night but MIL decided to have knee replacement in Aug so cruise is now late Oct.

Hurricane season is pretty much 6 months long with Sept being peak so you can’t really plan around that.

Pay your money and party on. :laugh:



Hurricane season is pretty much 6 months long with Sept being peak so you can’t really plan around that.

Pay your money and party on. :laugh:[/QUOTE]

That is what we figured too!! So you get a little wet, who cares you are at Disney and celebrating Halloween how can anything make that bad. I should state that halloween is the kids and my favorite holiday and here in canada it alot of the time snows for halloween!!! So a little rain will not damper our evening. Already have are 9/22 tickets.