Mnsshp or harry potter


ok mb due to unexpected expensive car repairs we had to dip into the vacation savings. we had hoped to do both harry potter and mnsshp but it looks now like it is one or the other. dh definitely rather anything Disney and has voted to do harry next year when all the bugs are worked out… give me your opinions if it is only one for this trip which one.


I think I’m with dh. Although I want to see Harry Potter, it’s going to be so incrediably crowded and busy with the opening, so I think patience in getting there may be a good idea. Go and enjoy Disney, and then you will be able to plan a whole new vacation next year.


I’m inclined to also say let HP smooth itself out a little bit. I haven’t been myself yet, but I’ve heard a lot of comments about how buggy the “Forbidden Journey” ride is in terms of breaking down or elements of it not working correctly. Just yesterday I heard from a friend that the wait times are ridiculous - the exact quote was, “The next movie will be out by the time you get on the ride.” :laugh:

Have a great trip, whichever you decide to take! :happy:


I am going to agree with the others and say let HP wait until next year when the hype is not so much and the kinks are worked out. Do mnsshp.


If your going back again next year Id say do MNSSHP this year, then plan a more Universal central trip for next time.


The Wizarding World is beautiful, but is INCREDIBLY SMALL. If you did EVERYTHING in the area, including butterbeer and the great food and cute shows, you could easily be done in 2 hours. Don’t forgo MNSSHP. Do Halloween, and come back for Harry. Harry will be there 365. Halloween will not.


MNSSHP all the wayy! :]


One more vote for do MNSSHP this time and WWoHP at a later date. I agree with those that said HP would be better a little later once they get the kinks worked out and the crowds die down a bit.


buy one less souvenir and do both!!! lol
i’ve been to both and am a HUGE hp fan, but if you are going to go just to see it and aren’t that huge a harry fan (which i am guessing is the case since you are even asking) then i would say mnsshp. the parade alone is amazing and must be experienced. on the other hand, if you are into thrill rides then spending a day at universal would be great:) i agree with the poster who said do mnsshp and next trip plan on a day or two in universal. crowds i don’t think for harry are too aweful. a lot of people are basing it off of a grand opening that was extremely publicized and hinted of being able to catch a peek at the stars of the movies. it’s been crowded the last couple of days with the regular summer crowd. so i think by your trip it should be slightly above “normal” crowds but not bad. i personally would choose hp seeing as i’ve already done mnsshp and if it was me and dh only. with the kids i would mnsshp again. so i guess it really boils down to how big an hp fan you are and if you can wait to see it. it is REALLY tiny. i spent 5 hours there, saw everything and rode everything at least 3 times!


ps about the bugs, i don’t think fj has more bugs than any other big ride. it’s got it’s kinks but i have seen space mountain shut down more in the last couple trips. i think since there’s SOOOO many people talking about it, that it makes it seem like the glitches are unusaully high


Yes I am with the above- MNSSHP this trip and maybe HP when all the wrinkles have been ironed out.


Gosh…this is a hard decission! I might go for HP if I could only choose one. You could spend the rest of the day enjoying IOA too. We love MNSSHP though…one of our all time favorites.
Have you ever been to MNSSHP? If not, then my vote changes to MNSSHP, and HP can wait till next time.


October shouldn’t be too crowded at Universal so either one should be fine. I guess for me it would depend if I planned on ever attending MNSSHP or not because I know I will be going to Universal again at some time.


I agree!! Plus MNSSHP is my favorite! :wub:

It helps that I’m not a HP fan either - and as hard as Universal tries, it will never have that Disney magic! (sorry Universal) :laugh:


Good point Matt.


I agree with MNSSHP.

And although someone made the point that October is not that busy anyway it would not matter with the crowds I would have to respectfully disagree. Just b/c the attendance is lower. I have heard the HP area is small and most people going in Oct. still want to see this attraction. I kinda liken it to Toy Story Mania. No matter what time of year FP is gone quickly and the line goes up to an hour wait quickly!

No matter what you decide I hope you have a magical time!



The truth is, there is really only one new ride in Harry Potter World, which itself is only one of the “Islands of Adventure”. That ride has been fully wrung out by now. That’s the Fly With Harry Potter ride. The coaster is Dueling Dragons which has been running since the park opened in 1999 and the junior coaster is the Flying Unicorn which opened in 2000.
The rest of the park has been open since 1999 and features Marvel Super Hero Island with the Hulk coaster, Dr. Doom’s Fearfall (a launch tower), and one of the greatest rides in the world, Spiderman. In Toon Island you’ll find a log flume ride that blows away Spalsh Mountain in all aspects except for the Song of the South dark ride section and Bluto’s river barges, which blows away Kali River Rapids. In Jurassic Park, there is a kids’ coaster, a kids’ play area, and the Jurassic Park raft ride that does rival Splash in every measure, except ride time. Finally there’s Suess Landing, ever want to walk through a Dr. Suess story? This is possibly much better than Toon Town and there are certainly more rides. You are definitely looking at a full day park here and should probably go mid week so you won’t have the weekend crowds to deal with. Wait times on all of the signature attractions can be every bit as bad as WDW.
Balance that against a night in the MK. And just to throw you a curve ball, Universal hosts its annual Halloween Horror Nights every year as well, but it isn’t for young kids and crowds can be really bad.


my vote is for MNSSHP did it last year and wish I had the vacation time and money to do it again this year.


thanks so much for your opinion and input especially since they are the same as mine. since we are not thrill ride fans and would never to universal horror nights[ too scary] it look like mickey is going to win again. dh is not as excited about hp as i am. he will go it if i want to but if has to be only one then mickey wins… I am going to try to do both[ darn cars and the compressor thingys] plus i am going to out of work for a few weeks for shoulder surgery so the pay is alot less. but if that inst possible then harry waits until next year.

we have passes we got years ago for universal that doesn’t have expiration dates on them … Im going to check to see if they are still good.


Matt, I thought HP had a really long tour through the castle or something? That’s just what I’ve heard! :blush: