DW and I just got back from our Anniversary trip without the kids. Since we’ve been back all we hear is “Mom & Dad, when are we going to go as a family again?”
[This doesn’t count the 2 nights we are camping with DS’s Cub Scouts this weekend at Disney’s Creekside Meadow Group Camping Site. Not too sure what activities there are, but we do not think it involves the parks.]
Well that got DW and I to talking and originally we thought we would go for 4 nights sometime during the 2 weeks prior to Christmas and maybe try MVMCP. But the kids want to swim also, so we thought October would be warmer and we could try MNSSHP. Now it is possible that we could swim in December but you never know about the weather. Now DW and I took our oldest, who was 3 at the time to MVMCP, but it wasn’t that great. Maybe we missed something? I don’t really know? Everyone around here always raves about it?
We have also never been to MNSSHP and that might be fun instead?

Can anyone sell us on either of these 2 events?
Is it worth the expense?

There will be 3 adults (DD will be 10) and 3 children. Littlest DD will be 3 on 12/5 so we might need tcket for her dependign on the event.


We have been to both and If I had to pick one, I would pick MNSSHP. I love MVMCP
and love going and Christmas time and it really gets me in the Holiday spirit.
However MNSSHP was just so darn fun! From the minute we walked in the park we just had tons of fun. The characters are all dressed in Halloween costumes, the kids get tons of CANDY trick or treating. The parade is awesome! IMO the best Disney parade I have ever seen. The whole park in decorated for Halloween most people have on costumes and that is fun to watch also. So if I had to pick one, i would go with MNSSHP!


We have done both also, and if I have to choose then its MNSSHP. It is just more fun. You (and your kids, lol) get to dress up in costumes and trick or treat, the spooky decorations, the candy, the music played on Main Street, the fun fun fun. Yep, Im going with MNSSHP.


I have only done the MNSSHP twice and it is totally worth the money. Its fun being able to dress up and seeing the other guests and their children in costumes as well. Going around the park and trick and treating is fun. The Halloween music and decorations are cool. The Hallowishes fireworks is awesome! I haven’t done MVMCP yet but if its as good as MNSSHP then I would love to go some time.


So at these events, especially MNSSHP you really are there for the atmosphere, not the park attractions & rides? Correct?


We are there mostly for the atmosphere. We have PAPs, so we have been to MK lots, and we will surely go lots more. For us its all about the party stuff during MNSSHP.


My feeling – having only gone to the Christmas event – is that there are MANY free or no-additional-charge Christmas events at Disney – all the resort hotels are decorated for Christmas, holiday music in all the parks, the Grand Floridian has a life-size gingerbread house, Holidays Around The World at Epcot, etc. – as well as Christmas being a holiday for which there is a LOT more stuff outside of Disney than Halloween. On the other hand, what non-Disney Halloween events there are out there, in my experience, “haunted house” events and things, tend to be a bit too scary or gory for some young children; so I would cast my vote for the Disney Halloween event, since there will be so many Disney Christmas things which don’t cost extra, and so few non-Disney Halloween things which are light-hearted and safe. :happy:



I have only done MVMCP, so my vote is for this.

I love this party. It’s night time and there are carolers and characters everywhere. There’s cocoa and cookies. The fireworks, the snow. We rode buzz, like 10 times in a row. We hardly waited for any rides. We love it so much we are going two times this vacation.

We did swim in the pool in Dec. 2005 and it was very warm. But like you said, the weather is iffy.

Good luck deciding!!


I would go for the Halloween party. In fact,if I go to either of these,it will be the Halloween party.


Another vote for the halloween party. While Christmas time is wonderful in the “world” you can really see a lot without going to MVMCP. All the resorts are decorated and the holiday atmosphere is everywhere you go.

At halloween, the parade is awesome, the fireworks are really cool (360 degree fireworks). Best of all, you see characters you might not see at other times. Villians galore! We got some great pics.

It is also not very crowded unless you go on Halloween night. IMO worth every penny!


I’d also have to vote for MNSSHP!!! so do the kids, age 3 & 4!
We did them both last year, & we all had more fun at halloween, especially if you dress up!!!
Plus, we went to the first one last year, & we were able to hit the trick-or-treat spots & a majority of the rides before the second parade.
If you want x-mas, go to the osbourne lights at MGM for free!!


Personally, I like both. MNSSHP is great because of all the free candy and MVMCP is great because I really like the parade and the general Christmas-y feeling. I’d be hard-pressed to choose between the two.