MNSSHP Question


We’re not sure if we want to get tickets for this yet, and just wondering if they close up the park early for this since you need a special ticket to attend. I’m not familiar at all with how this works, but it says they have the special parade and fireworks, so just not sure how it works. If we don’t buy tickets and decide not to go, should we avoid MK on the day they are having it?


if you don’t have a special ticket you have to be out of the park by 7. So if you don’t have a special event ticket and you don’t have a park hopper I would say don’t go to MK that day. That being said MNSSHP in my opinion is alot of fun and if you can afford it worth every penny as long as you remember that you are not there for the rides but everything else!~


Thank you! I am considering buying a ticket for myself and for my 5 yr old to let him experience(really don’t think our 1 yr old will remember it lol), and sending dh and dd back to the resort like we do during EMH. I’ll talk with dh about it. But on the off chance we don’t buy them and skip it, then we will avoid MK that day.


MNSSHP is awesome! We are going for the second time this year. If you have a park hopper then a day that is scheduled to have MNSSHP is an awesome day to go. Most people don’t go to the park that day b/c they close early for the party so the park is EMPTY.

Is the ticket price worth it? Yes…in my opinion! The fireworks are AWESOME, the ride lines are low, you can trick or treat through out the MK, they have great character interaction including a villans meet and greet, they have dance parties and an awesome parade (i have never seen the parade but it gets great reviews!). Have your kid dress up…you can too!

Have fun!



Ohh its so worth the extra $$$ to do this! The parade is fantastic, the songs will be buzzing around your head for months afterwards and Hallow-Wishes is just amazing! There are a few dozen treat stations set up around the park with some really tasty snacks (saves buying sweets the rest of the trip!) and there are little parties going on all over the place! Costumes make for great unique park pictures and some other guests have costumes so amazing you would think they where real characters (I have seen some mistaken for characters too)! Its a fantastic fun filled night!