MNSSHP Question


Ok, so we are going to MNSSHP on the Tuesday of our trip. Future DH wants to make MK the park we go to that day, as well as attend the party that night. Basically, an all day marathon at MK. I’ve already warned him about the potential pitfalls of that, but he wants to try it, so I am game.

We want to dress up in costume. My question is: Can we wear our costumes from the start of the day, or do we have to wait until the party to wear them? Also, if we have to wait til party time, can I pack our costumes in a backpack and bring them into the park with me in order to do a quick change there?

I’ve never been to a MNSSHP before, so these details are fuzzy to me.


I don’t know the rules on wearing them all day, but depending on what they are, will you be roasting during the day? We’ve been there during party time and people were coming at 4 ish. Sun still fairly high. It was a warm day and I saw guests sweating like crazy with multi-layered costume. After dark, they were probably fine, but do you want to spend your day like that?


I believe that costumes are not allowed during normal hours.
Starting at 4 PM though, guests with tickets for that night’s party can enter, so after 4 PM costumes would be OK.
And like jo-jo says, the average temps are in the mid 80’s in October and early November, so you’d better take that into account.
I just don’t understand why you’d waste a one day ticket during the day by using it to enter MK first thing in the morning. You’re much better off hitting a different park or even sleeping in and heading over to DTD for lunch and shopping, then returning to your room to change into your costumes. Another thing to consider is that you’ll want to be at MK for rope drop at 9 AM in order to maximize your use of that ticket before the other ticket goes active at 4 PM. In the end, you’re talking about spending 15 straight hours in the MK without any break.
As for storage, I often will get a locker during parties, especially Halloween where I’m stashing my cameras and tripods as well as the filled bags of candy we’ve already collected. And if you’re bringing a backpack and spending all day, I’d get a locker. It’s worth it. Especially if you brought dry footwear in case it rains.


They frown on costumes during the day. Being in the MK all day can make for a long day, seeing as how the party is a limited number, and most rides are walk on, and even with time for shows and trick-or-treating you will have time to do almost everything. That being said, we break it up and go to another park during the day, go back, relax for an hour or so and then hit the MK for around 4.


I should have prefaced this by saying that we are well aware of how the weather will be, and our costumes aren’t going to be anything more elaborate than custom made t-shirts and name badges with jeans or shorts. We want to participate by wearing costumes, but we also want to be comfortable.

And as far as all day in MK, I warned him. I made that mistake when I went in 2007 when they we doing the Pirate and Princess parties. I was miserable just before the party started, but by then it was too late to take a break. Luckily, when the party kicked up, it breathed new life into us and we were energized and very much enjoyed our night after that. Thanks everyone for your input on that. It’s really making him reconsider that decision.