MNSSHP: risk of selling out 10/28/08?


Anyone have any guesses on when Tuesday 10/28 might sell out? I really want to go, but NOT in the pouring rain (everyone looked so miserable when I saw them last year!). I’d love to buy them 5-7 days beforehand…so I can at least get an idea of the weather. Too risky to wait? Thanks in advance for anyone’s experience!


Personally I don’t think it is too risky to wait. You will save money if you buy tickets in advance vs at the gate.


I think it may be too risky to wait also. The closer you get to Halloween (and the 28th is REALLY close), the more risk you are taking of being shut out. I say take your chances and go ahead and book it, if it is important to you.


I definitely think it will sellout that close to Halloween.


I would definitely get them ahead of time. Last year both the Halloween and the Nov. 2nd date were sold out.


I think of you are going you need to get those tickets for those dates get them now before they do sell out. I would not really worry about the rain. When you go to Disney there is always a risk of a rain shower.