MNSSHP Souvenir


Hello all. I was wondering will MNSSHP sell special party related souveniers? If so where can I purchase them and what do they sell? I was thinking of picking up a DVD so I didnt have to tape it. ALso do they sell pins and shirts and things like that.

Thanks all.


We bought Pirate and Princess Party pins last spring.


Yes, they sell t-shirts with the year and some cute halloween scene with the party name on it. They are usually very cute. Also, each night of the party, they release a pin for the party with a different character on it. The pins are available at the party first, but I believe they are also on sale after the party in the stores. I know they are limited and I think one place we have bought them is on Main Street, the big store, and I think in Frontierland. Info should be on the map/brochure they pass out on the nights of the party.

We always buy the pin that is released the night of the party we go to…makes a great keepsake!


They sell all kinds of stuff. Most of it’s available at like 99% of the stores and during the entire season. They will have special “party” exclusives like pins and stuff.


I don’t know if you can get a DVD of the party? I know you can get a pin, we get them every year too. They are ONLY available the NIGHT of the party. They put them out on little racks near the cash registers.

Last year they had cute light up mickey head pumpkin necklaces, not sure if they were available anytime else though. Good price: 5 bucks!


I remember getting one of those GIANT pins in the box that was only released and available at the MNSSHP that night. The queue to buy it was unreal, I think we waiting around 20 - 30ish mins to buy them but they have made great keepsakes and collectables.


I know they have a soundtrack for the Boo To You parade and the fireworks, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a DVD. They used to have picture frames with the fab 5 dressed up and the year on it, but the last one I got was from 2005, so I don’t know if they still do that.

I always go with Baloo and he’s really into pins - he goes to Exposition Hall (I think that’s what it’s called) near the entrance on Main Street to look at the MNSSHP pins. I remember them having a lot displayed there. But they also sell photopass photos so it can get a little crowded in there.


Thanks all! I love Halloween so Im super excited about the party. Im going to have to get us a few pins and perhaps the CD. Thanks everyone!!!