MNSSHP T Shirt prices


I’m trying to find out how much the MNSSHP t-shirts are. My mom wants us all to get them so we match for some pictures, but I need to know basic prices so I can budget for them. Anyone purchase one in recent years?



I’d say be ready to spend $20-25 per shirt.


That’s not as bad as I was expecting. I was thinking $35 per shirt, so I hope you are correct :happy: That will give me more money to spend on pins and mugs and ornaments.


I bought a Mickey Halloween shirt last year at the resort to wear to MNSSHP. It was a women’s fitted tee. It was $28. I was expecting it to be more expensive as well.


I want to think that it was about thrity a piece a couple of years ago when we went. they do not go on sale until after seven the night of a party either.


The Disney Store online has some for under $20 bucks each. Bought the glow in the dark Frankenstein Mickey and it is really cute. They don’t say MNSSHP. they are just halloween styles.


I saw one of these in person and they’re really cute.


I’ll need to check that out. We’ll be going in Sept.