MNSSHP Ticket - Free to a Good Home


Hi all,

I have an extra MNSSHP ticket for October 9th, that I am not going to be using.

One of the people in our party had to cancel.

It is free to a good home if anyone wants it!

PM me if interested.


awww McFizzlestick, that is VERY nice of you. I hope someone needs it, that would be such a treat :happy:


Oh that’s super sweet!:heart:

We’ll be there on the 9th for a quick day trip . . . but sadly can’t stay for the nighttime, since the kids have school the next day! :pinch:

I hope someone can use it!!


Very generous and sweet!


That is very nice of you. I hope someone can give that poor, lonely ticket a good home!


Sorry to hear your friend had to cancel. It’s a nice offer. We’ve already got our tickets for the 9th also.


That is a super nice offer, I wish I was going!!!


Oh man, if I had a car I’d SO GO!!! :frowning:


Hopefully someone here takes it - if not, I’ll offer it to someone when I get there.
I’d hate to see it go to waste!


Just be careful if u decide to approach someone @ the gate.


darn it I wish I could go …


I wonder if any of our MouseBuzz CMs would use it. I would love to be able to go but it’s just not happening for us.


That is so nice of you!!! I cant use it but I hope someone can.


What a nice offer! I hope someone can use it!


well- i too think it’s a great offer! and I too think it’s kind…
but, I too won’t be able to go then but I do hope someone can!


We already have our two tickets but what a nice offer! :smile:


Oh wow. What a sweet offer! I really hope someone can use them!

I wish I could!!


McFizz…so sweet!!! :wub: I really hope someone can use it. And if not, you can always find someone to give it to when you get down there.


How horrible would it be for just ME to go down and do MNSSHP without the kidlets?

PRetty wrong, right?


Ooooooooh! I’ll take it! If I can’t go, I can find someone who can! Thanks!