MNSSHP ticket question & WDW package question


Hello all! 2 questions in 1 thread.

Tickets go onsale this Sat for MNSSHP. If I didn’t buy this weekend for my Sept trip do you think they will be avail in June July? I don’t want them to sell out but I’m not sure if I can get them this weekend or not yet.

Also what is the value of the arcade card that comes with the package this year?


I would think tickets would still be available for parties in June no problem! Many times parties don’t sell out or sell out at the door. Although, we always buy our tickets ahead of time usually a few months early especially if you have a particular date in mind.


Thanks! I’m going to try and buy this weekend but if I can’t I may have to hold out untill June.


I think you will be fine.


You should not have a problem. We have bought Sept. tickets in July or August…it is those close to Halloween that might be more of a problem. Wait until it is more comfortable for you financially…oh, and last year they cancelled some of the parties, and those who had purchased tickets had to change plans…so…I would feel comfortable waiting, I know we are waiting (this economy sucks!)


Me too, I have to wait. We have 2- Communions, 3- birthdays , Mothers day and a wedding!! June it is!:biggrin:


We have to wait to DBF the kids father (they are my step kids, sorta they feel more like blood I love them to death) doesn’t know if he can come with us to Disney and wont know until July. Maybe I should buy three so atleast the kids and I can go to MNNSHP and the if there are still tickets when he figures things out he can come, if not sorry for his luck


I am not sure what this translates to in monetary form but the arcade card that came with our package this past March into April was a 30 minute card.
Take care.


thanks rick for answering the arcade question.

As most of ya know im a bill collector and most everyone im calling isnt paying their bills so that means no big commission like im used to so i may have to wait a month or two but happy to know we should be fine. if not im going to stand outside MK and beg and plea for someones tickets and offer a ton of $ :laugh: only kidding.


I would get the tickets as soon as possible. the closer to halloween you go, the better chance of them selling out…don’t know about arcade card.


i think your right. Im actually leaving Sept 11th to 20th so i think i should get them quick.


I think I would get them as soon as possible. There are only three days scheduled during the time you will be there, and a lot of people want to jump on it right at the beginning. Don’t be surprised if the tickets DO NOT go on sale tomorrow. They gave the same date for starting sales last year, and I don’t think they were available until after May 1. Good Luck!


Tinkerbelle - found out on another site that tickets are on sale NOW! Prices below!
Adult- $55.38

Annual Pass Holder Discounted Prices