MNSSHP Tickets Sold website?


Can anyone tell me if Disney has a web site that tells you if the MNSSHP has sold out on the days that it is available? Or how many tickets have been sold already?


The Disney site will tell you if a certain date has sold out - it will not, however, tell you how many tickets have been sold for a certain night.

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It looks like, as of now, no nights have sold out yet.


I called reservations yesterday and the gal I spoke with asked me if I had my MNSSHP tickets yet because some of the dates had already sold out. I told her no tickets yet as we hadn’t setteled on a date yet. I was a little nervous even though there are 4 during our week (Oct 14th-21st). I gave her the date we are interested in most and asked her if it was sold out yet, she checked and told me it is about half sold. Now that I see on the WDW web site that there aren’t any sold out yet, I wonder if my first choice really is half sold, or if she was just trying to sell me some tickets, lol.