Mnsshp tickets


I know that the tickets go on sale May 1st and typically how fast do they sell out? I am hoping to go but my situation at work is not necessarily looking that good. We won’t know until probably late July if we are getting to go Halloween week or not. If I buy the tickets and than the worst happens at work can they be returned or what typically are the options. Please Help.


The tickets are non-refundable. You should be able to get tickets (except for Halloween night) in early July. The other option, would be to buy the tickets, and if you can not use them, to try and resell them. There are usually people looking for tickets.


Thank You… I guess I was actually trying to make sure that if I ordered them and things went bad that I had a real good chance to resale them. I hate to wait until July to order them We want to make sure that we can get them. But, unfortunately I have to wait until July to find out more as to what the our parent corporations are going to do.