MNSSHP tips needed


As this will be our first Halloween Party, as many helpful hints as possible would be awesome. Here is the plan for the day, We will be arriving at Mk at opening and then plan on leaving about 2ish to take a rest at our hotel. Then return for the party at 7. Where should we start trick or treating? Should we start at the back of the park and work our way back to parade route? We plan on skipping the first parade and waiting for the second one to catch any rides or treats while majority fo the people are at the parade. Where is the best place to get the best view? What time should we try and find a curb side seat for the second parade? Also where will be the special characters meet and greet be located? We will most likely not be doing any rides that are outside in the dark(daughters motion sickness is triggered more in that situation). Are all rides operational during the party? Winnie the Pooh and Mickeys Philharmagic are two of her favs. Also, are there fireworks at the party, if so wheres the best location to view?

I know its alot of questions and talk about waiting to the last minute to plan, lol.

Thank you guys for your help.


Ok, let’s try one question at a time :laugh: :

  1. Don’t immediately start trick or treating. The lines will be super long and they will only give a little at a time. There are spots all over the park, so take your time. The best time to really get treats is towards the end of the night when they give big scoops of candy.

  2. You are wise to catch the 2nd parade. Its a lot less crowded. Get a spot either in Frontierland or in Liberty Square. That’s towards the start of the parade and you’ll not only catch the performers before they get winded, you can quickly escape to see other things while others continue to watch parade. Try to get a spot no less than 20 minutes prior to parade.

  3. There are special characters all over the park. Tarzan, Jane and Terk are by the Adventureland Bridge. Captain Jack Sparrow (LONGEST LINE) is by Pirates. The princesses in Town Square Theatre will have their princes with them. The 7 Dwarves (EXTREMELY popular) are by the exit of Splash Mountain.

  4. Most rides are operational throughout the party. But not all.

  5. There really is no bad spot for the 9:30 fireworks since they surround the entire park at times. (my opinion the 2nd best fireworks display we put on). But I always recommend the top of Main Street between Caseys Corner and The Ice Cream Parlor.

Hope these help.


Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Rowdy:mickey:


I can personally attest to trick or treating late! They give me much more candy later in the evening. Oh and have fun! Don’t stress about not having enough time to see everything. Just soak in the atmosphere it is awesome!!


Also, in past years, they start letting party attendees in the gates at 4:00. There is a lot to do, even if you do not ride anything… Plan accordingly. Oh, and plan your dinner for either a reservation, or plan to eat early at night. The fast service restaurants may close early, and your are left with no dinner. ( it has happened to us last year) . I would suggest getting there by about 5 and eating dinner, do not wait until 7 to do this. I agree with everything else being said trick or treat late, and stay late if you can. The rides are fun at night. You will have a blast, do not miss the parade and fireworks. Oh, yeah, the atmosphere is amazing.


If your daughter does not do outdoor night rides, and has seen every character, try the MK game. My kids are obsessed…


What is the MK game?


Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom. A new interactive park game where young “sorcerors” go on quests for Merlin throughout the park, fighting villains on portal screens. Stop by the Fire House in Town Square for more info.


Tipping of CMs is not allowed.
That’s all you need to know concerning tips and MNSSHP.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1123620]Tipping of CMs is not allowed.
That’s all you need to know concerning tips and MNSSHP.[/QUOTE]

Right now I’m not a CM. I’m off the clock. :tongue:


One more question, how has the temperature been during the Halloween Party? My daughter is going to be tinkerbell. Will she need a sweater or tights? Just wondering if shes gonna freeze come the 11 o’clock hour.


Just attended MNSSHP on Friday, Oct. 12. Friday is supposedly the busiest day, and most on the DIS advise people not to attend Friday… however, I didn’t find the park to be ridiculously crowded at all. I think that maybe everyone is getting the head’s up to attend on weekday nights instead, which has made more people gravitate away from Friday… making it less crowded.

Anyway, we started trick-or-treating first thing and had absolutely no problem with lines or small candy portions. We started in Storybook Circus for the Alice in Wonderland candy trail, which was great. While there was a line since they hadn’t begun distributing candy yet, it moved very quickly. We hit almost every trick-or-treat stop after that with no wait.

We watched the 9:30 HalloWishes in the Castle Hub and stayed there afterwards for our parade spot (right after the bridge). We got to watch a Villains show between the fireworks and parade, too.

The most popular special characters are the 7 Dwarves in Frontierland where Woody and Jessie typically meet. I had gotten advice on the DIS that if you want to meet them, line up no later than 6:00 (preferably 5:15/5:30) because after that, it’s an hour and a half wait. I was planning to do this, but decided that day that it wasn’t worth the time and that the photo op wasn’t that important to me or my party.

The special characters we did meet were Pooh and friends in costume (which were in their typical greeting location by the Winnie the Pooh attraction) which had a 10 minute wait towards the beginning of the party. We also met Mickey and Minnie Mouse in costume at Mickey’s typical meeting area in Town Hall on Main Street with no wait - we were the first guests there after the seconde parade, it appeared. We then circled back through to meet the princesses, which was about a 10 minute wait.


How was the candy selection this year? Do they hand out any just from Disney gourmet treats? Or is it just alot of generic candy mixes?


They had good candy - all name brand, a mix of chocolate and other candies. There were Goofy’s Candy Co suckers at one spot - I don’t recall which, but that was the only Disney exclusive candy I noticed.


Thank you for the insider tips you guys:wub: I am So excited, she still doesnt know we are leaving in the morning, so everybody shhhhhhhhh lol


Im such the big kid, I cant sleep. One hour to departure time and I have slept maybe an hour. Good thing Im not the one driving,:blink: My hope is that I can convince my husband to do an impromptu vow renewal in front of the castle. Now if I can snag a CM at the same time Ill have pics to share, that is if he agrees:wub:


I would suggest that if you would like to have a photo with a particular villian, be sure to watch the first dance party and see where the specific character will be. Then for the second show stand in that place during the show. We missed getting Malificent’s picture, because we were in the wrong spot and lines form quickly


This was the first year we needed second bags because we’d filled the first.
Oddly, we didn’t hit the Fantasyland treat trail or a couple single stops.
But that’s a different story mostly involving bad clock management on my part.

PS: Saw Lotso over by CP after fireworks.
Costume looks great and the CM inside was performing at a high level.


…kind of off topic…but I just wanted to say, that we went to MNSSHP when it first started…not sure if it was the first year or the second…but we were there for it in '97 I think…

Anyway, it was different from the way it is described now…it was loads of fun back then too–but mostly for children. No adults or teens dressed up–none–zilch—I don’t know that it was a rule–just —no one did—candy was limited to sponsored mini bars of Nestles crunch and —smarties(?)…that was it…at every station. Each child was handed a bag as they entered—I didn’t get one—neither did my Mom—just DD.

I remember the parade of Halloween characters and floats being the best part of the whole night—I don’t think we had any fireworks–no pictures of them from that night—

There was a wonderful display of carved pumpkins that the CM’s had made in Adventureland…do they still do that?

I have more video than pictures of that visit—but below are a couple…I’ve always loved Halloween, and can’t wait to have GKs to get back into it again!!

Anyone remember these “forgotten” characters? I don’t think the kids today even have heard of this movie!!!