Which do you prefer? Next fall my entire family will be visiting; including my two nephews ages 3 & 5. We had talked about a November trip and MVMCP, but if we go in October we can hit F&W and MNSSHP. Oh decisions decisions! :laugh:


I’ve been to MVMCP twice, MNSSHP once. I prefer Christmas, of course Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love seeing the parks decorated!


I refuse to vote…because I can’t decide either!:pinch::laugh:

I love them both equally.:biggrin:

Sorry I couldn’t help you.:wink:


Voted for MVMCP, but it was a tough choice. Love them both, but love the Christmas holidays the best.


It comes down to candy or cookies and yucky hot chocolate.
Candy wins going away.
Lucky I don’t have to decide.
We go to both.


I told my sister we could just go for 10 days and do both. That would be perfect. I have been to MVMCP twice and loved it, but I keep looking and MNSSHP and it looks great too.


Have never done MVMCP, but did MNSSHP for the first time this year and it was great, and they do give out a lot of candy.


I have done both and I much prefer MNSSHP!!! Christmas is extra magical at Disney, but Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love celebrating it with Mickey!


i’m trying MVMCP on my next trip & i haven’t had the chance to try MNSSHP yet