MNSSHP worth the money?


What does everyone think.WE have never been, my DH says he read about it online somewhere and it didn’t sound that exciting. So he says it wouldn’t be worth the money.:crying:


We had a conversation last week that was very similar…

Hope that helps! :mickey:


Ok, don’t hit me…but have you considered Sea World’s halloween party? It was awesome and less crowded. A great alternative…


Sea World? What and where is that? :laugh: the halloween party )in my opinion) is the best extra event at MK. If you don’t want to spend extra money, why not purchase one less day of park tickets, I believe you can enter the MK around 4:00 pm to enter for MNSSHP. It really is worth going.


When we got tickets a couple of years ago, my DH didn’t think it was going to be worth it. I don’t know if he was really looking forward to it or not. After we went to the party, though, he changed his mind. Trick or treating in the park is great and Hallowishes and the parade are awesome! We do what Nastory suggested, get one less day of park tickets. This way we can spend the day at the resort relaxing, then go to the party at 4pm and be there until the end. Our DD, who was 2 and half at the time, still talks about the party. She loved it and can’t wait to go back this year.


OMGosh it is SSSSSSOOOOOOOO worth it!!! I loved that event so so so so much! The parade is incredible and the show and the fireworks and the CANDY!!!


YES, YES, YES! We loved it! The parade and fireworks are worth the extra $$. We all dressed up and that made it even more fun!~


Universal does some Halloween bash… I’m thinking Fright Fest or something scary. Looks a little more grown up (verses not-so-scary… :laugh:).

And MNSSHP looks cute… I would go.

I’ve never been to either…

We used to go to the Halloween thing at Cypress Gardens (it was free, I’m thinking). Lots of fun… I don’t know if they still do it, though.


[QUOTE=Willbegone] YES, YES, YES! We loved it! The parade and fireworks are worth the extra $$. We all dressed up and that made it even more fun!~[ /QUOTE]

DITTO!!! :laugh:


I had a blast at MNSSHP. I highly recommend it. The parade alone is worth the price of admission.


That is so true! :laugh:


Yes it is worth it. Each time we go to 2 parties per trip. The fireworks and parade are really great. Watching the headless horseman gallop is pretty cool. I think he has slowed down though because the first year he almost took out a few people trying to make the turns.
As people have said you can save a ticket day but for only a few dollars is it really worth it? You can get into the park around 4 pm, hit the rides that are going to be closed for the party, get dressed up, do the party, watch the fireworks and the parade (second one so you can hit the more crowded rides at this time) and stay until it all closes. The park really thins out after the second parade because of all of the small kids parents leave. It is so empty that we rode dumbo twice at 11:45 - midnight so that should tell you something. Also the amount of candy goes way up, instead of a piece or two think one or two handfuls. We even got 15 bags of hersey’s kissables, full sized, at the turnstops. Madison’s princesses carry-on suitcase only held candy on the way home and that was after several days of picking through it.


Would someone be able to help me convince the Mrs that this would be a good event?

She scares pretty easily (she won’t gon on HM with me anymore) but I have tried to convince her that this is nothing like Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights which I know is more adult themed and I would think scarier/gorier.


Yes, it is worth the money, for all ages.
If you want something with more creep to it, I recommend Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream over Universal’s Horror Nights. The crowds at Uni are just too much and there are so many people going through the haunted mazes bunched so close together, you can often see what’s coming and ruin all surprise. BG is a bit better, at least for now. They haven’t been running theirs as long as Uni. Also, Uni is better when they hold HHN in Islands of Adventure, rather than Universal Studios because the really big rides are there. That’s anotehr plus for BG, 5 major coasters if you count Gwazi as 2, plus two “family” coasters.
I can’t speak for Sea World, but I just don’t see them having enough rides to justify my going, although Kraken is an excellent coaster. They just need more than 2 coasters, Shamu, and the dolphins.
Getting back to MNSSHP, they cap attendance at 30,000. Full capacity for the MK is 75,000 or so, so you see the crowds will be smaller. There’s special entertainment and decorations for the event and trick or treating for candy. The later you stay, the more you can ride because the crowds start to scatter after the second parade at 10.


So how much are tickets and when do they go on sell?


I think the tix are around $45 and probably won’t go on sale until at least the summer. I am hoping I can convince DW to go this year. If we do, I would switch planning for Labor Day weekend which we normally do to go in October instead.


I am trying real hard to convince myself it is worth the money also. I have heard wonderful things… but all 4 of us are considered adults this year… yikes… that’s expensive. :eek: Still think’n!!


I called disney this morning and asked for dates she said they had not received any yet and that it would be Aug. before they annouced it, I asked about the cost also and she said she has no idea she couldn’t remember how much they were .


Considering the cost of MVMCP and P&P it should be around $40-$45


I want to go to this SO BAD. I might have to skip a weekend of school next fall—my SENIOR YEAR haha–to go to this! :laugh: I don’t remember going!