MNSSHP worth the $$$?


Hi all. I just want to know if MNSSHP is worth the extra money. We have been to MVMCP and it was very nice but I am not sure that I would spend the extra money to do it again. We have never been to MNSSHP and Halloween is my favorite :wub: holiday. Just want to make sure it is worth the extra $200+:pinch::huh:

Thanks for your help!


My DH and I loved the parade, it was one of the best we had ever seen. I’m, not sure how old your kids are, but if they are young, they can wear costumes and go trick or treating. I didn’t have any children with me when we went, but while we were waiting for the parade to start, I was talking to a Mother from NC and she had three young girls (betwwen 9 and 5) with her and they were telling me all the fun things they did that day. They seemed to really enjoy their time at the party.


Thanks! My DDs are 9 and 7. I think they will like the idea of trick or treating at the MK. I wonder what kind of candy Cinderella gives out at the Castle:laugh:


I didn’t trick or treat while I was there, but my DH and I had a really good time, and I would go back and see it again.


for the experiance and fun i would say go for it - now is it worth the extra $$$$ well thats down to you but i would say yes to it. i would also say double yes to the christmas party:blush:


definately yes dh and i went when we were down for our anniversary… it poured all night so alot was canceled but we still had a good time halloween is one of our favorite holiday . the decorations and the parade were worth it and they give out really good candy. we were not going to trick or treat and we walked by one of the stations and a cm handed us a small bag of candy…


Great time - less crowds - worth every penny


I have only done it once before and like faerie dust said it rained/poured all night. Ending up getting a rain check for a one day visit to MK. I am gonna try it this year just to do it w/o the rain (hopefully). We have also done the Christmas party and it was very nice, doubt I buy tickets again though. I think its one of those things do it once just to do it, but it is prob not an every year thing. We will see…


I say go for it… I must admit Halloween is my favotite holiday (It is DS birthday) And we had a GREAT time.


We are going for our 4th party this year. Everyone has to make a decision about the $$$, but we really enjoy it. Besides trick or treating, we love the parade, dance party, fireworks and everything else that they do special for the night. In our opinion, it is worth the $$$.


Worth the $ for sure! And, adults can dress up and/or trick or treat too! We were all pirates. Other than this party, you never get a chance to dress up in MK! Go if you can :slight_smile:


We have done MNSSHP in the past, four times to be
exact. It is def. worth doing if you have not done it before.
The kids love getting the candy. The fireworks
are great and so is the parade. Since we had seen the parade
several times, the last time we went we took advantage of
doing as many rides as we could during parade times. We
were able to walk on most rides at that time.
They always sell cute tshirts from the party and there are
really cute photo areas as well. Have fun!


I have decided that I probably won’t be paying extra for MVMCP anymore either, but I will ALWAYS go to MNSSHP!!! Halloween is my favorite holiday and they do a great job with it. The parade and fireworks alone make the price worth it - then there are the dance parties, trick or treat spots, shorter lines for characters and rides… the list goes on! I dress up every year - you won’t be out of place if you wear a costume!


I think they do the Halloween party way better than the Christmas party. We had a blast both times we went and I would still go again if the opportunity was there.

That being said, I hate the idea of paying twice for one day at the parks, so I like to save a park ticket that day and only go after 4pm.


Well the decision has been made! The extra $$$ will be spent and we will be “not so scared” on Oct 21st :happy:

Thanks for all the input. I have heard nothing but great things and I am sure that DDs will :wub: it and so will I. DH is just along for the ride but he may think that the headless horseman is pretty cool:


I hope you have a great time. I was planning on going to it this year for the first time but we had to cancel our trip plans and will go in a couple of years. The way I looked at the cost is like this. Everything at Disney is like a show so if I were buying tickets to get into a play it would be quite expensive. So seeing that this is way longer then a 2 hour play it would be worth spending that much. Also if you go early in your trip you have lots of candy to snack on the rest of the time so that saves buying/ using snack credits on little piddly things. Also if you have tons and tons of candy you can take it home and hand it out for Halloween. Saves a fortune on buying candy at the store. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point :cool: I have a few friends that would love to get “Disney Candy”:happy:


Great decision!! You will have a spectacular time. It’s our favorite part of the trip, and the main reason we go in October (well, that and the F&W festival)


If you have never done it then diffinitely. If you have done it before then it’s probably a personal decision. We did it in 2008 and skipped it last year but are doing it again this Oct.


The F & W Festival is my main reason for going in Oct too :biggrin: